Week In Review: Seal Of Approval


Week In Review: Seal of Approval

Last month Boomer Esiason gave Joe Burrow the stripes of the Bengals helmet. This week he gave him his seal of approval. If anyone knows a leader, it is the best leader the Bengals ever had. And he likes the looks of Burrow, the LSU quarterback ticketed to go to the Bengals at the top of the draft.

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Thanks for a great week 🤝 @theseniorbowl!

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Pitcher Embraces High-Profile QB Coach Job

Dan Pitcher, the Bengals' new first-time quarterbacks coach whose first assignment appears to be entrusted with the team's next franchise quarterback, has been in enough rooms during his nine NFL seasons to know exactly what it means.

Dunlap's Taste Of Honey Catches On

If it is seafood you want Carlos Dunlap has recommended the "Lobster Benny." Dunlap, the Bengals defensive end who has feasted on enough quarterbacks that he stands to become the club's all-time leading sacker some time next season, tweaked the dishes and named them. Just like he came up with "Honey," before the place opened six months ago.

Bengals Remember Kobe

Kobe Bryant's death over the weekend rocked the world and the Bengals locker room is no different. Like most of the pro sports universe, it is populated by a generation of athletes raised on Bryant's old-school work ethic and a once in-a-lifetime drive to win that was so lethal it spilled into his successful business venture while he nicknamed himself after one of the world's deadliest creatures.

One No. 1 Pick's Advice To Maybe Another 18 Years Later

Back in 2002 the expansion Texans took Fresno State quarterback David Carr with the first pick in the draft and it didn't go very well. But Carr, an NFL Network analyst, thinks it can go a lot better for LSU quarterback Joe Burrow and the Bengals if they take him first.

Recapping The Bengals Top 2019 Next Gen Stats Performers

Next Gen Stats is a fascinating and informative resource to help fans go beyond the box score and provide additional context. 2019 marked the sixth season that this technology has been used in some form with the league. With that in mind, here are some of the Bengals' top analytic performances from this past season.

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