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The Latest Mock Drafts: 3.0

Tired of scavenging the internet for 2017 Mock Drafts? 

No worries, did the legwork for you.  See who media outlets are predicting the Bengals to select at number nine in their most recent mock drafts.

2017 Mock Drafts (Updated 3/30/17)


Projected Bengals Pick (No. 9) (Hobson) (Knox) (Miller) (Moton) (Roling) (Sobleski) (Brinson) (Brugler) (Dubin) (Prisco) (Rang) (Wilson) (Kurtenbach) (Schrager) (Brooks) (Casserly) (Jeremiah) (Reuter) (Zierlein) (Palazzolo) (Norris) (Kadar) (Burke) (Galko)

USA Today (Davis)

USA Today/DraftWire (Easterling)

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