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Round 6 Transcript


Q: Did you expect to be selected somewhere around the place you were, or did you expect to go earlier?DB: "I expected to be selected earlier, but it is a blessing to be drafted. Many people don't get picked, and I am happy that the Bengals selected me."

Q: What do you know about the Bengals?DB: "They are my favorite team. I follow the team. It is a blessing having my name associated with the team. There is something about the team that I really like."

Q: What are your thoughts on the receiving corps?DB: "The receiving coach has done an excellent job, and they are one of the best units in the league. I like how Chad Ochocinco approaches the game. It is amazing that I now get to play next to a great man."

Q: How would you describe your game?DB: "I am a possession receiver, and I pick up yards after the catch."

Q: You caught a lot of touchdown passes at Kansas. Why is that?DB: "The coaches did a good job drawing up the right plays against different defenses. The quarterback put the ball where it needed to be and I made plays."

Q: Have you followed Chad in Dancing with the Stars?DB: "Yes, I have been watching him a little bit."

Q: There is a lot of talent in the receiving corps here. How do you see yourself fitting in?DB: "I am going to come in and work my butt off. I hope to work my way onto the football field. I am going to take things from the veterans and learn from their game. Hopefully I can incorporate what I learn from their game use it in mine."

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