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Hobson's Choice, midnight edition: Bengals see Miller as project


Even though they got Tyler Boyd Friday, the Bengals still may need to shop for another receiver. 

Hi Hobson so that looks like the Bengals missed out on another impact receiver in Braxton Miller he could have helped us more as a second round pick than we got with Boyd. Brant Beliveau, Grand Forks, WA

BRANT: Not the way they see it. They see Miller as a long-range developmental project, a guy they don't think could have helped them much at all this year at wide receiver. And they need help now. They apparently didn't think they could afford to take a gamble on a guy in the third round that not only can't contribute this year, but is a gamble to make it at all. I mean, they could use another receiver in the last four rounds Saturday who is going to help them this year.

Geoff, love your coverage of our Bengals. I have learned over time to trust the Bengals brain trust when it comes to the draft. I really liked our 1st rd pick even though there were a couple of DT/DEs we could have really used. However, not sold on our 2/3rd picks at all. The WR might develop into a solid player but the bet is nothing more than a camp body or special teams guy, That isn't where you pick ST players! We just missed on a bunch of potentially good players...don't understand our to my question? Do you have any clue as to what we were thinking or trying to accomplish? Thanks Geoff and here's hoping I'm wrong. Andy Eskew, Discovery Bay, CA

ANDY: Thanks for reading. I think they agree with you, which is why they see Vigil as much more than that. Look, he's going to make the team and be active on Sundays. He may start out on special teams but they clearly expect a third-rounder to be much more than that in the future. They have high regard for his ability to line up anywhere in their scheme, which he played in college.

Just look at the calendar. Their starting SAM (Karlos Dansby) is 34. Middle linebacker Rey Maualuga goes into the last year of his deal next year. Converted safety Marquis Flowers, a 2014 sixth-rounder, is a question mark after missing all last season with a shoulder injury. Vincent Rey, the first man off the bench, has played a lot of snaps in the last five years.

I think they believe Vigil is a needed shot of youth and speed at backer and that is something special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons is always seeking. Especially since they play in a 3-4 division and the foes always have more backers in the kicking game.

This guy is more than a camp guy. I think he'll be around awhile.

Lonely time reader from the Peach State. Thanks for all of the info. Does the Bengals lack of urgency to draft a WR mean they have faith that Wright, Alford, and Kumerow along with LaFell can fill the void of 3rd and 4th options? Paul Tomasulo, Atlanta, GA

PAUL: Thanks to the land of Peachtree. I think it was a misnomer that because they didn't take a receiver in the first round meant they lacked urgency. Taking one in the second round is just as urgent. That guy has to play. They like LaFell as an experienced third option, but to take Boyd so high means to me the slot is his to lose. Green, LaFell, and Boyd look to be the top three receivers right now.

Look at the last eight second-rounders. Middle backer Rey Maualuga, left end Carlos Dunlap, quarterback Andy Dalton, running backs Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill, and right tackle Jake Fisher all started or were regulars.

I want to know if there's any kind of website that shows what picks we get (Bengals) or what round we have. I'm also hoping to know if there's a chance we are getting a WR in any of the rounds. Please Respond. Gael Flores, Dalton, GA

GAEL: Top of the page. "Draft Central." There's a great chance the Bengals get their second receiver in this draft on Saturday.

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