Week In Review: Illusion And Reality At The Top 


Week In Review: Illusion And Reality At The Top

The Bengals hold the No. 1 overall pick on each day of the draft and that can only mean one thing in the Spy vs. Spy mentality of the NFL. Facts are on sabbatical until selections start the night of April 23. History says in the weeks and months leading up the draft, there'll be plenty of straying from the truth.

NFL Vet Walters Knows The Routes

Troy Walters saw how to get to Canton during 98 games and eight seasons with four teams as a Stanford-smart-steel-belted-second-line NFL wide receiver. A guy with a hard-to-argue-with resume, Walters will now serve as the assistant wide receivers coach on Zac Taylor's staff.

Colt Anderson Looking To Give Bengals' No. 1 Special Teams A Kick

Darrin Simmons, who has been coordinating the Bengals special teams since Colt Anderson played on them for Butte High School, had the old Montana Grizzly in his sights on his computer screen. Anderson, the Bengals new assistant special teams coach, knows he's got a built-in advantage.

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