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Everything Joe Burrow Had To Say After Week 7

How do you feel about this performance?

       "It felt good. We were rolling in that first half, most of the second half, too. We didn't score on two of the drives. It was a pretty complete game, good to see. You'd like to score on every possession, I thought we could have. So we left something out there but overall it was a complete effort."

Would you say you're playing your best ball of the season?

       "Yes I would say that. I'm feeling comfortable. We're getting our timing down. We're finding a rhythm and the defense will keep doing what it does. We're finding our stride."

How comfortable were you with the offensive line today?

       "It was again unbelievable. They made us throw the whole game so we had a lot of third down looks. We stoned a lot of their pressures. They had some good blitzes in the scheme, but for the most part we were lights out."

What's it like when the line is playing with this much confidence?

       "It all starts up front. It's the same with every single offense across the league, and our guys have been lights out the last four or five weeks."

At what point did you figure this was going to be a game where you threw it a lot?

       "We saw a lot of spots on film that we could take advantage of. We jumped out early on them. They ended up putting in an extra defensive lineman in there to get some pressure. The line did a great job handling that, so we spread them out and let our guys go make plays."

We heard there was a special guest in the quarterback room, and he called the 60-yarder?

       "Teddy (Karras)? Yes. We always try to guess the first touchdown. He called it."

What worked on that play?

       "It all started with the running game. From last week, the gun runs. They play two Tampa and we held the Tampa Mike with the play fake. So it all started with the run game."

How nice is it knowing you have Ja'Marr Chase in one-on-one situations?

       "If we get man, I think everyone knows where the ball is going."

Is there a reason the explosive plays have been hitting lately?

       "We jumped out early today, made them play more aggressive. Last week we moved the ball up and down the field, taking what the defense gave us. When you take those check downs and turn them into eight yards up and down, defenses get impatient. Then they get more aggressive so we have more opportunities."

Are there any thoughts on the start of the season, now that the team has won four of the last five?

       "No, it's still a long season. We have a big one this week, Monday night. We're excited to get our first divisional win and keep this momentum going."

Are there any other reasons the offensive line is clicking?

       "We have great coaches that put together great plans. The offensive line is playing great, the receivers do what they do, and we've been able to move the ball. We've had three really great weeks of practice, so we have to continue that this week."

You're the first quarterback in NFL history to have five 400-yard games in your first three years—any thoughts?

       "Nope, I have great players around me, and great coaches."

How do the free agency acquisitions improve the interior of the offensive line?

       "At the end of the day, it's tougher to make guys miss coming from the inside than the outside. Alex Cappa and Ted Karras are big pickups for us. Cordell Volson has been playing lights out for us as a rookie from an FCS school. You have to give credit to those guys. Cordell has worked so hard all year; he's become Ted's little minion, trying to soak up all his energy and knowledge. That guy will keep getting better and we're excited about where he's at."

Did you try to get to 525 yards today at the end?

       "I thought we might throw it there in the end, but we decided against it."

Why has shotgun been working so well?

       "I think we have really good players on the outside that teams are concerned about. It's where we've made our money the last few weeks. We'll see how it is going forward; maybe we start to see some tighter boxes since we've been running it so well out of the gun. Maybe we get back under center and it opens up those play actions and under-center runs. We'll see what happens; it depends on the game plan."

Did you get a good look of Tyler Boyd's one-handed grab?

       "I didn't see it, I was on the ground. I always expect Tyler to make those plays. That's why I gave him a chance. He was lights out for us."

What's the next step for this offense?

       "Consistency is the next step. Every single game we've had spots where we're really good, and it's about sustaining it over a whole game. We have to string together games like that. We've done that for two weeks and we have to keep doing it."

Do you enjoy all these rushing touchdowns you've had more than passing it?

       "I like passing touchdowns better."

Tyler Boyd said he knew he'd have this type of game. What's it like to have any receiver that can break out?

       "That's what's so great about those guys. They're just as excited to see Tee (Higgins) score as they are Ja'Marr (Chase) or Tyler as much as Tee. They celebrate each other's success. That's what makes us so unique; we have three number one receivers without any ego. They trust me to do my job and throw the ball where it's supposed to go. They're really a pleasure to be around every week."

How balanced is the receiving attack? Tee Higgins was close to 100 yards ...

       "We were trying to get it to Tee but couldn't make it happen in the end. Hopefully we can get one with all three of them over 100."

How did it feel to be back in front of the home crowd for a regular Sunday game?

       "It was definitely weird in practice not going on the silent count. We were trying to figure out what our cadences were again this week. It was good to be back, the energy was great."

What did you see on the first touchdown?

       "We were able to hold the Tampa Mike with the play fake and hit a big one down the middle. It was a big play for us."

Did you feel you'd have a big day after that?

       "Yes, whenever you go down and score on the first drive with a play like that, you think it could be one of those days. It ended up being one of those days, but it really because of the execution the whole game. We still had some mental mistakes in spots we need to clear up, but overall it was a team effort."