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Best Stories During Free Agency 2021

DT Larry Ogunjobi
DT Larry Ogunjobi

The Bengals enjoyed a busy spring during the free agency period brining in several high profile players. Defensive end Trey Hendrickson, offensive tackle Riley Reiff, defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi and cornerbacks Chidobe Awuzie and Mike Hilton headlined some the new players brought in free agency.

A look back at some of the best features from with the newest Bengals.

Joe Burrow Puts His Stamp On Bengals' Rebuilt Roster

The author on the next book about the Bengals is going to have to circle March 19, 2021. It's the day the Bengals officially became the team of quarterback Joe Burrow in his second season in the second year of the second decade of the Zooming '20s. He could have lit a cigar like he did to celebrate LSU's national championship. But his new right tackle, battle-tested vet Riley Reiff fresh from old friend Mike Zimmer's NFC wars in Minnesota, got the stogy instead. 

Bengals Welcome Hilton's Edge On The Corner

Mike Hilton, one of the new Bengals free agents, had a front-row seat back on a Monday night in December when his new strong safety made a hit they hope sets the tone for the coming years.

Hendrickson's Obsession With QBs Brings Him To Bengals: "He's Not Going To Back Down"

Trey Hendrickson, who joined the team with his double-digit ability to sack the passer, says he's not consumed by money or stats. He's obsessed with getting after the quarterback and his old teammate in New Orleans, Vonn Bell, gives a ringing endorsement.

Awuzie Looking For Checkmate On The Corner In Move To Bengals

Chidobe Awuzie, the Bengals new starting cornerback who loves chess because it simulates life's daily treadmill against checkmate, prides himself on first moves. But it was the Bengals' opening gambit in free agency back in March that left Awuzie the most impressed and in control of the board.

From Greensboro To The A Gap: D.J. Reader, Larry Ogunjobi Team Up In Bengals Middle

The Baseball Player from Grimsley High School and The Extra Large Kid from Ragsdale High back in the day in Greensboro, N.C., finally find themselves together in the revamped middle of a reconstituted Bengals defense. The Baseball Player, the incumbent nose tackle D.J. Reader, has been sending texts to The Extra Large Kid since about the time Larry Ogunjobi followed Reader into the NFL Draft a year later. 

Bengals Tap Atkins Protege Ogunjobi As Geno Speaks Through His Successor

Larry Ogunjobi made a tough day at Paul Brown Stadium a little easier Friday. It's not many days in the history of a franchise you say good-bye to a potential first ballot Hall-of-Famer, but the Bengals had to do it to get the things done they need to get done when they released eight-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Geno Atkins. But, the guy they brought into replace Atkins is a Geno protégé.

Bengals Solidify Vet Leadership With Versatile DB Ricardo Allen

Newest Bengal Ricardo Allen is an example of the class of player the Bengals sensed would be on the market in the year of a league-wide salary cap crunch. An accomplished, experienced yet still fairly young player with 76 NFL starts.