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Week In Review: Looking Back At The First Half


Week In Review: Looking Back At The First Half

In the latest "Week In Review," the Bengals head to the bye week with momentum after a win over the Tennessee Titans. Quinton Spain, "Q," as he's now known at Paul Brown Stadium, had pretty much made everyone's acquaintance after one of the more remarkable debuts in Bengals history.

Bengals Mourn Passing Of The Essex Express

Right after he said, "Oh no," when he heard that No. 19 had passed, Ken Anderson couldn't help but think of two passes he threw to Essex Johnson 47 years ago on one of those gorgeous greenhouse Sundays in San Diego they both helped grow the pro passing game into the 21st century.

Taylor-Made Takes: Memo For Busy Rookies

In his weekly discussion with senior writer Geoff Hobson, head coach Zac Taylor talks about his rookies, how Joe Burrow's enormous talent can sometimes be bad for his coach's health and not his, and why Jim Turner was his only choice to coach an offensive line that on Sunday covered up the Titans with Turner's patchwork quilt.

Bengals Head Into Bye Revived With A Joe Burrow Swagger

Don't look now but as they head into their bye week at the halfway point of the season and look at a remaining schedule of four teams without winning records, the Bengals may quietly emerge next week as one of those classic young on-the-come teams the NFL approaches warily. 

Bengals Notebook: Boyd's Connection With Burrow Puts Him Among NFL Leaders

Count slot receiver Tyler Boyd as an enthusiastic supporter of Burrow's bid to be NFL Rookie of the Year, a player Boyd can't begin to compare to anybody else he's seen in his half a decade in the league.

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