Top 50 Moments: Parrish Masters Unconventional Scoring

Bengals cornerback Lemar Parrish returns an interception in Week 8 against the Cleveland Browns during the 1976 season.

On Oct. 6, 1974, cornerback and return specialist Lemar Parrish had a 90-yard punt return touchdown and 47-yard fumble return touchdown against the Redskins in a 28-17 Bengals victory. This was one of three games where he tallied multiple unconventional scores by kickoff return, blocked field goal, interception and punt return.

The unconventional score can turn a game in a moment's notice and Parrish mastered the art, scoring 13 touchdowns in his career.

In his eight seasons with the Bengals, Parrish scored 78 points, the highest total for a defensive player in franchise history. Parrish also holds the team record for punt returns for touchdowns with four.

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