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Top 50 Moments: Ickey Shuffle


On the way to Super Bowl XXIII, the Bengals climbed on the back of a rookie running back named Elbert "Ickey" Woods with 1,066 yards and 15 TDs.

For all of his bruising runs and bursts of speed, Woods was best known for his moves after scoring.

The celebration that came to be known as the "Ickey Shuffle" took the league by storm.

Woods never tires of telling the story behind the shuffle.

How it started against Cleveland at Riverfront and when he only put his hands between his legs and didn't move, safety Rickey Dixon yelled at him and told him to find something else.

And then how two weeks later at home against the Jets, Woods went up to Dixon five minutes before they took the field and said, "Check it out," and Dixon concluded it was OK.

Or how a few weeks later he was sitting at his locker and owner Paul Brown stopped by and said, "I don't like it, but my wife does, so keep doing it."

But Woods also knows why they remember him in Cincy.

They won.

"If I did it for a losing team, no one would have remembered," Woods says.

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