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In a league filled with genetic giants, Bengals offensive lineman Cordy Glenn stands out.

"He's huge," said quarterback Andy Dalton. "I saw him in a picture standing next to Clint (Boling) and Clint is a big guy, and he's like twice the size of Clint. He's a large human. There aren't many people built like him."

Following a Bengals practice in June, I tweeted a photo of Glenn walking off the practice field next to Geno Atkins. The angle of the photo was slightly deceiving, but the 6'1", 300 pound Atkins looked miniscule in comparison to Glenn who is listed at 6'6", 345 pounds.

That photo has been re-tweeted more than 400 times and even inspired a "how big is Cordy Glenn?" meme.

"It's like trying to run around a condo when he sets up to pass protect," said my broadcast partner Dave Lapham. "He's taking up the entire property out there. And the good thing about it is he's not a stiff. He has good feet, he's very nimble, he can pull, and when he's out in space he can redirect that big body on the smaller defensive backs. He's a very athletic guy."

"For a guy his size to have his athletic ability is pretty special," said Dalton.

Aaron M. Sprecher / AP Images
Aaron M. Sprecher / AP Images

Glenn spent his first six NFL seasons in Buffalo before being traded to the Bengals in a swap involving draft picks in March. Before missing 15 games over the past two seasons due to foot and ankle injuries, the former second round pick was considered one of the best young tackles in the league.

Glenn, who turns 29 in September, appeared to have no lingering injury problems during the Bengals' OTAs and minicamp.

"He got cleared with his ankle and foot issues so we're easing him back in as he gets more in playing shape," said offensive line coach Frank Pollack. "He's a good player when he's healthy and he's proven that in the league. We're excited to have him."

And Glenn is excited to join a new team.

"This is my first time so I am still feeling everything out, but I don't think it's a bad thing to have a fresh start," he said. "You have to learn stuff all over and start a new routine, but it's definitely something that I am looking forward to.

"Just being somewhere where you are wanted is the real key. It makes the adjustment a little smoother for you."

Glenn has three years remaining on a 5-year, $60 million contract, although team options would allow the Bengals to move on without a salary cap hit after each of the next two seasons if Glenn's injury woes return.

But the Bengals are hopeful that they have solidified a critical position for the next several years.

"If healthy and he doesn't have a crack in that foundation and that foot is totally 100 percent, the left tackle position is going to be in good shape," said Lapham. "He's going to man that very effectively."

"Cordy fits exactly what we want in that position," said Dalton.

He's a massive man looking to help solve the Bengals' biggest weakness last year – subpar play on the offensive line.

"You always want to go into the season with something to prove and a chip on your shoulder," Cordy told me. "So I definitely have stuff to prove and I am looking forward to playing this season."

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