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Roster dilemma

What would you do with David Pollack now that Duane Clemons is back. Do you put Pollack back at SAM backer or do you let him pin his ears back and rush the QB in passing situations. Would you start Clemons over Robert Geathers?
**--Steve, West Chester, OH

STEVE:** The Bengals have some interesting questions now that Clemons comes back Monday. Starting with how to make room for him on the 53-man roster.

But they will probably have another week to figure it out. The club can apply to the NFL for a week-long roster exemption.

Because they still have high regard for their young linemen, tackle Matthias Askew and end Jonathan Fanene (even though they weren't active in the first three games), the cut, I think is going to come from somewhere else, and it could be at linebacker.

But I don't think you start Clemons at right end in front of Geathers. At least not in the first couple of weeks because he can't be in game shape since he hasn't played in any games. Plus, he missed much of the preseason with a foot problem.

But he's the kind of guy who can roll out of bed in May and get you 1.5 sacks on passing downs, so I imagine they'll make him part of the rotation in the nickel package. That might mean some of his snaps come from Pollack's when he plays a rush end, but they can also play Clemons and Geathers at tackle on third down and keep Justin Smith and Pollack at end in one look. Although, I think Clemons prefers the edge, but he's a soldier. Really, I think it comes down to the hot guy.

Playing Pollack at SAM is another issue. It's a new position for him and you can't take Landon Johnson off the field very much because he's one of your best defensive players. If Pollack is going to make a dent now, it's as a rush end.

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