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NFL Corrects Compensatory Draft Picks; Bengals Have Additional 3rd Round Pick


Compensatory draft picks were awarded by the NFL on Friday, March 8th, but on Monday the NFL made a correction that gave the Bengals a top-100 pick (Pick #97 at the end of the 3rd Round on Day 2 of the Draft). Read below to better understand what compensatory draft picks are, how they are calculated and what draft picks the Bengals have for 2024.

What are compensatory draft picks? Compensatory picks are additional draft picks that are awarded to teams based off compensatory free agent ("CFA") players that a team lost in the prior year's free agency period. Teams that suffer a net loss of CFAs during the prior free agent signing period are eligible to receive an equivalent number of compensatory selections.

How are compensatory draft picks calculated? Teams are awarded compensatory draft picks between Rounds 3 and 7 based on a league formula that takes into account a player's average salary per year, play time and postseason honors.

Note: The maximum number of compensatory picks a teams can receive is four picks (for players departing) in a year.

In 2023 Free Agency, Jessie Bates III, Hayden Hurst, Vonn Bell and Samaje Perine all departed Cincinnati. The additions of Orlando Brown Jr. and Nick Scott offset two of those players, but left a net loss of two compensatory free agents. The result for 2024 is an additional 3rd round compensatory pick, pick 97, and a 6th round compensatory pick, pick 214.

What was corrected for the Bengals? On Friday, the Bengals were awarded two 6th round picks. Monday, the NFL shared that they discovered an error based on 'honors' in the calculation. This resulted in one of the 6th round picks turning into a 3rd round pick. In 2023, Jessie Bates III was voted to the All-NFL team by the PFWA and also received AP All-Pro honors.

Here is an updated look at the Bengals ten 2024 draft picks:

· Round 1, Pick 18

· Round 2, Pick 49

· Round 3, Pick 80

· Round 3, Pick 97 *compensatory draft pick

· Round 4, Pick 115

· Round 5, Pick 149

· Round 6, Pick 194

· Round 6, Pick 214 *compensatory draft pick

· Round 7, Pick 224 (from Cardinals, through Texans)

· Round 7, Pick 237

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