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Marvin Lewis Press Conference Transcript - 9/24



Head coach

Initial comments ...

"As you look back after watching the tape from yesterday, we didn't play well enough, particularly defensively, in areas to win. We had moments where we did things very well. It's always easy to be negative about it, but we weren't very consistent. Same thing offensively — we were able to move the ball at times and do very well, and other times we stalled out and shot ourselves in the foot, etc.. On special teams, the only thing there is that you have to make the field goal. That was a huge play in the game as it gave them (Carolina) field position. We have to make the kick. Otherwise, special teams wasn't very eventful. I thought we did a nice job (on special teams overall) — Kevin (Huber) didn't have the best hits, but we were able to have good outcomes. There were no kickoff returns in the game. The thing we have to do better is be in the right spots defensively and do a better job."

What could WR John Ross have done better on the two interceptions to help QB Andy Dalton out?

"He's got to do a better job of finishing the play. Everyone has to protect the quarterback, whether it's the guys up front, whether it's the backs, whether it's the receivers — whoever it might be. We always have to protect the quarterback."

On that interception ...

"We're not going to talk anymore about that any further. Thank you."

Do you guys expect to lose DT Ryan Glasgow for the year?

"I don't know that yet."

There was a report out that he tore his ACL ...

"He's on crutches. When someone tells me (he has torn his ACL), then we'll better be able to answer that and make that move. We'll see."

Glasgow has played well ...

"He's done a nice job."

Do you feel he took a pretty big step this year?

"Ryan did a nice job yesterday. He was doing a good job in there."

Was Carolina's success running the football due to their execution or to the Bengals' defense guessing too much?

"We weren't guessing. It was a combination of both. We've got to play better."

Is missed tackles something you come away frustrated with after games like yesterday?

"We had a couple missed tackles, but that wasn't the majority of it. We've got to play better."

Cam Newton makes it tough for defenders to tackle him, doesn't he?

"He does. You have to do a nice job of staying true to what you're supposed to do and what you're responsibly is. Everybody has to handle their own business, all the time."

Teams have really targeted CB Dre Kirkpatrick a lot this year. How do you think he has handled the attention?

"He has to keep the proper perspective and leverage, depending on the coverage, all the time. He started the game out very well, and then they were able to convert a couple third downs, where he has to do a little bit better of a job. Some are going to be tough plays, but probably the second toughest position out there on that field is cornerback."

Did you think you were inconsistent running the ball yesterday?

"The penalties took us back. That's all. I thought we ran the ball effectively other than one time, where we got knocked back. We weren't very good in the execution of that particular play, as Gio (Bernard) was getting the ball, we are getting knocked backwards. But other than that, I thought we did a nice job. ... Again, the little things — the details — (matter). We can't have penalties. We had a penalty when ... we had to take a run back where we had the ball down inside the 20-yard line, then we had to look to make a 53-yard field goal. We just have to keep doing it better. We can't have those things crop up at any time, or (otherwise) you take away positive plays."

Third downs continue to be a problem defensively ...

"We just spoke about it a moment ago. We've got to do a better job."

On the pass intended for WR Josh Malone that was tipped and intercepted, is that something where you want the receiver to be more aggressive coming back for the ball?

"He was coming to the ball. We just have to make the catch. It's a bang-bang play, and their guy might be a touch early, but this is the NFL, and we have to make the play."

What is the coaching point on DE Sam Hubbard's near blocked punt?

"Sam got part of the ball. It was good execution, but we just didn't quite get the whole ball. The ball came off his elbow instead of his hands. Again, it was good execution, just not quite exactly the (outcome) we needed at that point."

Do you have any injury update on WR A.J. Green?

"I don't."

On the final play of the game, with only one play and being two scores down, was there any concern there?

"Do you want us to walk off the field?"

Does injury risk even play into it there?

"I thought Andy (Dalton) did what he was supposed to do, which is try to go get the touchdown."