Hobson's Choice Podcast: Brian Callahan

During his first season as an offensive coordinator, the Bengals' Brian Callahan has found an ease mixing his background of plays with those of head coach Zac Taylor and the rest of his staff.

Taylor is Sunday's play-caller, but Callahan is his 24-7 eyes and ears and as he discusses in the latest Hobson's Choice Podcast one common dominator is their admiration for Super Bowl winning head coach Gary Kubiak's knack for finding the right plays.

"One of the better (play-callers) I've ever been around," says Callahan, who was Kubiak's quarterbacks coach in Peyton Manning's last game that won a Super Bowl for Denver. "There's a feel. There's an art to it. The feel of the game. I think the best play-callers usually are quick to adjust and quick with answers … Everybody talks about half-time adjustments, but I think as a play-caller you're almost adjusting series by series."

Other highlights with Callahan on the podcast:

  • 0:21 – Hobson talks to Callahan about running 100 plays during the first day of organized team activities.
  • 2:09 - Discussing the offense's core philosophy.
  • 3:51 - Explaining the move of Cordy Glenn to guard.
  • 5:39 - Chatting more about the rookie offensive linemen in the draft and free agency.
  • 10:30 - How they would utilize John Ross in the offense.
  • 13:54 - Discussing the balance of utilizing Joe Mixon and Giovani Bernard.
  • 16:27 - Talking about the undrafted players that have played well in OTAs.
  • 18:27 - Addressing the science of keeping players fresh and not overused.