Hobson's Choice: Down on trade

Hi Geoff,

Many people would suggest that Marvin Lewis and the Bengals should trade down and pick up an extra pick or two in this years draft. However, since most of the players that Marvin has drafted over the last couple of years are still part of the Bengals organization (17 of 20, if I remember correctly), there doesn't seem to be to many spaces left on the Bengals roster for addition players who need more time to develop.

The alternative to cutting the extra rookie draft picks is to sign them to the practice squad, but there's nothing stopping another team from stealing those guys. So I guess I'm suggesting that we don't really need anymore draft picks this year. So instead of moving back in the draft and getting more picks, I wish to ask if there is any chance the Bengals could trade up, and take a guy that would otherwise be impossible for them to draft at the 17th spot?

Also, all the "experts" from the mock drafts seem to be predicting the Bengals are going to go defense, but I do not necessarily think this has to be the case. The Defense towards the end of last season looked great and I can only see them getting better in 2005. So if they do trade up in the draft, or stay put at 17, I think there is a chance the Bengals could take an Offensive player, like an O-lineman, Wide Receiver, or even a Running back. All three of which could act as insurance for this year, and potential starters for 2006.

Vincent VINCENT:**
Trading up in this draft would be like springing for the tab at the open bar at your niece's wedding. Sure, you could do it. But why?

There doesn't look to be any player that the Bengals desperately need enough in exchange for a first-day draft pick, which is what you would have to give to move significantly After the two quarterbacks, Michigan receiver Braylon Edwards, and maybe USC receiver Mike Williams, there is virtually o difference between picks 5 and 35.

It's not the end of the world if they don't get Georgia safety Thomas Davis or Wisconsin defensive end Erasmus James. Maybe they can get a linebacker, or wide receiver, and more importantly, keep that second-round pick for what they don't get in the first round. With the experts touting the strength of this draft between picks 20-45, the Bengals are going to get players who should be starting within at least a season or two at selections 17, 48, and 83 in rounds one-three.

Plus, with 2007 being a year without a salary cap because of the labor impasse, trying to get a contact for a top ten or 12 player is going to be a nightmare since you can only pro-rate signing bonuses over five seasons. This is the year to trade down.

I agree they could take an offensive player at No. 17, but I just don't see it being a tackle or running back. Not with young players like Stacy Andrews, Scott Kooistra, and Belton Johnson already backing up tackle Willie Anderson and Levi Jones, and Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry still in the backfield for at last another four seasons.

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