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Fanene makes impact off field


Bengals defensive end Jonathan Fanene, famously recognized for the story on his family and native home of Samoa, stopped by Sojourner Recovery Services to sign over 50 items for the charity.

Fanene is serving as an Ambassador for Sojourner Recovery Services based in Hamilton to draw attention to the need for programs offering treatment and recovery services. Besides serving as a famous face for the non-profit, Fanene signed the items so that they could be used as incentives for Sojourner's adolescent programs and to help raise money through auctions and raffles of the autographed memorabilia.

"It is really important to give back. No one ever gets ahead without giving a hand up to someone," Fanene said. "Giving back to the community is something our culture stresses and I want to do what I can in this community as Samoans."  

Fanene will serve as an Ambassador throughout the NFL season and will be making several appearances on behalf of Sojourner Recovery Services.  

"Jonathan's determination to give back in a 'non-photo op way' is refreshing," said John Keuffer, Director of Development for Sojourner. "He's a great asset to the community on and off the field."  

Sojourner Recovery Services was founded in 1985 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Sojourner was established initially to help young addicted single mothers get treatment while also maintaining custody of their children. Sojourner's mission is to provide quality, comprehensive services for primary substance abuse and/or related mental health issues in a caring and compassionate manner.

For more information on Sojourner Recovery Services, please visit

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