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Continuing Bengals Traditions with Microsoft Surface


Tradition is what makes football more than a game played on a field on Sundays. Traditions big and small are what gives the game a sense of familiarity and fandom. Hearing your favorite players' names as they run out of the tunnel to your beloved team song, reciting team phrases with other fans as you have done since your first game, and seeing those gorgeous helmets shine in the afternoon sun. Whatever the tradition may be, it is what makes football extraordinary.

A great tradition in football, and all sports alike, is getting to sense the personalities of your favorite players come out in post-game interviews and press conferences. We can all remember many of the more famous post-game press conferences, both good and bad, over the years of the NFL's existence. They are one of the main reasons why we feel like we have a connection to these players and coaches beyond their play.

Press conferences and interviews often offer great insights into the game, into the opponent, a specific play, or a specific personality. Player and coach interviews are the biggest aspect of sport that personifies athletes in a world that sometime makes them feel bigger than life.

In today's era of uncertainty, the gathering of media and key players and coaches, like many others traditions, looks exponentially different in the 2020 season. The Cincinnati Bengals wanted to turn to a reliable technology to execute the news conferences this year – that technology: Microsoft Surface.

The Bengals rely on the Surface Pro 7 for all press conferences and interviews this season. The Surface Pro 7 is trusted by the Bengals for many reasons - these reasons include the Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), which delivers fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection. The 4k streaming and 1080p on the 10th gen Intel Core processors were imperative in knowing each stream would execute properly. Also, the up to 10.5 hour battery life give ample power to get through even the longest of work days.

While interviews may have a different feel this year, The Bengals trust the technology of the Surface to keep these traditions alive and keep our favorite personalities in front of us all week long. While much of the 2020 NFL season has had a different feel, one important tradition has been able to execute seamlessly - thanks to Microsoft Surface.