Burrow Seeks 'Old Self' Back In The Pocket

QB Joe Burrow

Add "Honest Joe" to Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow's growing list of nicknames.

Before Saturday's practice Burrow engaged in a candid give-and-take with the Cincinnati media in which he vowed he'll be back "to my old self" in "a couple of more days, a couple of more reps."

Burrow, barley eight months removed from reconstructive knee surgery, admitted he's undergoing a high level of frustration as he and the Bengals offense struggle to get going. He pointed to comfort in the pocket as the major reason for his slow start, knowing his laser pocket presence has been one of his weapons.

"I would say right now it's a mental thing, getting back to playing football against top level competition," Burrow said. "Getting back to being able to feel the people around me as opposed to seeing people around me. I've always had a great feel for the pocket. It's just going to some more reps to get that back."

So Burrow is going to have some company back in the pocket Saturday when he goes through seven-on-seven and individual drills. He says he'll have people and bags back there to get him used to the feel of the rush.

"Nothing to worry about right now, but need to get going," Burrow said.