Bengals make surprise visit to area school


Cincinnati Bengals players Kevin Huber, Jonathan Fanene, Jason Shirley and DeQuin Evans made a visit to St. Cecilia School located in Cincinnati's Oakley neighborhood.

As part of an arrangement set up through the players Marketing Agents, John Keuffer and Brian Redden, these young men wanted to spend some time on their off day encouraging young people.

After a short introduction and a silly dance competition between two teachers, the players got down to business to offer their message to the kids. Evans kicked off the mini-talks focusing on setting goals and keeping your eye on the prize. Fanene focused on the importance of balancing football, family and faith. Huber offered advice on the important of dedication and persistence, while Shirley encouraged the kids to focus on their education.

After the mini-lecture, the players split up to visit each class and sign autographs and offer some more personal words of encouragement.  

"These are some great young men and I'm pleased to be able to work with them. They truly have a heart for giving back." commented Mr. Keuffer, marketing agent for the players. "These guys aren't just some client we signed; they are friends and family and we all work together to encourage each other and to give back to the community."

"It's really important to give back and show that we are members of the community and we want to be part of this community," Huber said.  

The players donated a football signed by them and some of the '88 Super Bowl Bengals players as a gift to the school to be used however it chooses. The program works in partnership with a non-profit called Teen Response, Inc. For more information on Teen Response please visit their website.

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