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Bengals Fans, It's Time to Rule The Jungle!

170915-bengals-stadium-fans-pregame (AP)

Today we set the tone for the 2021 season as we launch our new campaign: Rule The Jungle.

Rule The Jungle signifies the high standards and energy we expect to see on the field, in the stands and in all areas of our organization. Rule The Jungle is a mentality that displays our confidence and strength. Rule The Jungle is the feeling of exuberance each fan will feel on gameday, like a queen or king sitting on a throne, as we celebrate together in a stadium that is back to full capacity.

To rule is powerful. Great empires are built by the bold. Effective and revered leaders throughout history envisioned schemes to reach new heights, built impressive infrastructure by mobilizing the masses under a common goal and won battles to assert their dominance.

Build. Win. Rule. This is the path forward.


We are building something meaningful here in Cincinnati. Beyond trying to build a championship team, we want to build an empire of Bengals fans that make the gameday atmosphere at Paul Brown Stadium a renowned destination that the national media and critics will need to respect.

As I wrote back in February, I want The Jungle experience at Paul Brown Stadium to be even more legendary – truly the best live experience event. We are making noticeable changes on gameday, adding traditions atop Welcome To The Jungle before kickoff and the Bengal Growl song after touchdowns, to create a more energetic environment from the moment gates open until the final play.


We are adding a stage to house the throne from #NewStripes and host new traditions this fall. We want the throne to live on in the stadium to ensure that our fans share that "King of The Jungle" mentality. Our new pre-game "Ruler of The Jungle" ceremony will incorporate the throne as the gameday "ruler" will lead fans in our signature Who Dey chant to get the crowd roaring right before kickoff. You'll also notice added intensity in our player introductions and completely new graphics and content on the videoboards.

Additionally, we created the Stripes Squad, a group of 17 enthusiastic individuals who will serve as an interactive hype team. You can meet them at Back Together Saturday or in the community throughout August. During the season, they will be out at tailgates and will execute stadium activations as part of in-game entertainment.

This fall, as our content team brings the creative videos you've loved on social media to the jumbotron screens in-stadium, we want to see fans channel the pride we've seen on social media into screams and cheers in the stands. Bengals Twitter is such a mighty crew that we made a hashtag trend in a dey and won an NFL fanbase bracket. The passion and loyalty you all demonstrate is second to none. You're literally building an army – and it seems like somebody is getting new armor every other week.

This type of passion is so important - for our city, our fans and our players.

I hear this refrain a lot: "if we don't win, none of this matters." Of course winning is our number one priority. We want to bring Super Bowl championships to Cincinnati.

After all, my great grandfather is famous for saying "Winning makes believers of us all." This adage remains so relevant that it will be added to our new field wall so that it is the last thing our players see as they take the field.

Even though I love this quote, I feel like the sentiment can cut both ways. I am asking you to believe because I think that it often takes believers to make winners of us all.

Cincinnati Bengals coach Paul Brown is pictured at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This year, we are saying we want to Rule The Jungle because we know we can. Joe Burrow's confidence is infectious. It's time for all of us, Greater Cincinnati, to take a dose of this poise and ferocity. We are Bengals. We've been through struggles as a unit in the past. Our scars have healed and we're ready for battle, together. First strike is on Sunday, Sept. 12 at 1 p.m. against the Vikings and our team needs you there ruling The Jungle.

Looking forward to seeing you there. WHO DEY!