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Who Dey Appearances

Thank you for inviting Who Dey to be a part of your event!

» All requests must be submitted by completing all the information requested below at least two weeks before the appearance date you request.

» Submitting this form does not guarantee an appearance. Bengals staff will contact you upon receipt of the completed form and once Who Dey is confirmed. All requests will be considered on an individual basis.

» The client must provide secured parking and a secure dressing room for Who Dey.

» Who Dey does not speak, but communicates through pantomimes, posing for pictures, signing autographs, and generally acting silly.

» Appearances are $100/hour and are billed for a minimum of one hour. Who-Dey reserves the right to limit requests for appearances longer than two hours. Please be aware that while in costume, Who Dey has no way of telling the time, therefore the client is responsible for telling him when he has 10 minutes left in his appearance, or for longer appearances 10 minutes prior to any breaks.

» Who Dey does not attend birthday parties. Requests for events outside of the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area will be considered on individual basis and an additional mileage charge will apply for all such appearances.

» You will receive an invoice following your event. After the first hour, Who Dey bills his time in ¼ hour increments.  Billing begins from the time of the talent's arrival to the time of the talent's departure. It is the responsibility of the client to tell Who Dey when his time is up.

Who Dey Appearance Form

Directions from downtown Cincinnati (please be specific)

Describe your event, and the role of Who Dey (please be specific)