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Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

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STREAK 54 celebrates an exclusive group who have been season ticket members for at least 54 consecutive years. THANK YOU STREAK 54 Members for your incredible impact on our team!

Why 54?

The STREAK program launched in 2023, the 54th year of Bengals season ticket membership.

Our highest-STREAK (highest tenured) members serve as the "54th man" on our roster, inspiring us all through their enduring commitment.

54 is our only retired jersey number, honoring the great Bob Johnson who was our first ever draft pick in 1968 and final original Bengal to retire.

Johnson, Bob, 2

Wall of Honor


Located inside the stadium just south of Gate A, the STREAK 54 Wall of Honor features the names of every STREAK 54 member.

We look forward to adding more members who reach the remarkable 54-year STREAK milestone to this esteemed list each year!