Football Operations

Player Personnel

  • Duke Tobin Director of Player Personnel
  • Mike Potts Scouting Director (College)
  • Steven Radicevic Scouting Director (Pro)
  • Bill Tobin Personnel Executive
  • Andrew Johnson Scout
  • Christian Sarkisian Scout
  • Geoff Smith Scouting Technology Consultant
  • Debbie LaRocco Personnel Assistant

Player Relations

  • Eric Ball Director of Player Relations

Athletic Training

  • Paul Sparling Head Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Nick Cosgray Director of Rehabilitation/Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Dan Willen Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Keith Justice Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer


  • Adam Knollman Equipment Manager
  • Tyler Runk Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Sam Staley Assistant Equipment Manager


  • Travis Brammer Video Director
  • Kent Stearman Assistant Video Director
  • Brooks Santanello Video Assistant

Football Administration

  • Jamie Janette Assistant to the Coaching Staff
  • Sandy Schick Assistant to the Coaching Staff

Business Operations

  • Jeff Brickner Director Of Operations

Business Development

  • Bob Bedinghaus Director of Business Development

Finance and Accounting

  • Johanna Kappner Chief Financial Officer
  • Keith Theissen Controller
  • Kelly Kirby Human Resources and Payroll Coordinator
  • Dave Tracy Staff Accountant
  • Tracey Sailer Accounts Payable Specialist

Information Technology

  • Jake Kiser Senior Director of Technology
  • Michael Kayes Director of Technology
  • Tyler Gross Application Developer
  • Steven Green IT Support Specialist


  • Rusty Guy Director of Security

Business Administration

  • Ellen Gilker Receptionist
  • Cat Malone Receptionist


Corporate Partnerships

  • Ryan Holmes Director of Corporate Partnerships
  • Jackie Brown Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership
  • Tom Severino Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership
  • Matt Sikich Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership
  • Alex Simons Director of Partner Services and Community Engagement
  • Zoe Bodart Partnership Activation Manager
  • Madison Fennell Partnership Activation Manager
  • Magda Stepien Partnership Activation Coordinator
  • Nicole Zembrodt Partnership Activation Coordinator

Suite Sales and Services

  • T.J. Wagner Senior Suite Sales Manager
  • Rachel Geiger Partnership Services Manager


  • Emily Parker Director of Communications

Media Relations

  • PJ Combs Director of Media Relations
  • Pete Schramm Manager of Media Relations

Digital Media

  • Geoff Hobson Senior Writer
  • Steven Hudy Senior Manager, Digital and Social Media
  • Marisa Contipelli Team Reporter
  • Michael LaPlaca Digital Media Specalist


Ticket Operations

  • Tim Kelly Director of Ticket Operations
  • Andrew Brown Director of Sales Analytics
  • Bob Mullen Ticket Operations Manager
  • Barry Katz Box Office Manager

Ticket Sales and Service

  • Duane Haring Director of Ticket Sales and Service
  • Matt Ritchie Senior Manager, Season Ticket and Inside Sales
  • Katharina Hiergeist Manager of Season Ticket Member Services
  • Tim Schmidt Senior Account Manager, Season Ticket Member Services
  • Matt Sierzputowski Account Manager, Season Ticket Member Services
  • Kyle DuVall Account Manager, Season Ticket Member Services
  • Kostas Koyfis Senior Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales
  • Keith Benjamin Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales
  • Kyle Seyfried Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales
  • Joe Toth Account Executive, Season Ticket Sales
  • Sean Fleming Senior Account Executive, Group Sales

Sales Consultants

  • Alex Smithers Sales Consultant
  • Alex Wilhelm Sales Consultant
  • Dylan Voltz Sales Consultant
  • Jack Goold Sales Consultant
  • Justin Basham Sales Consultant
  • Meredith Macy Sales Consultant
  • Jesse Megyeri Sales Consultant
  • Marian Horne Sales Consultant
  • Jamar Johnson Sales Consultant
  • Brandin Minder Sales Consultant


  • Monty Montague Merchandise Manager
  • Steve Wolf Pro Shop Manager
  • Todd McGrail Pro Shop Manager
  • Ron Runk Warehouse Manager

Paul Brown Stadium Operations

  • Eric Brown Managing Director
  • Diane Holle Controller
  • Scott Simpson JungleVision Producer
  • Jim Hautz Building Engineer
  • Anna Bross Private Events Manager