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What Zac Taylor, Brandon Allen And The Bengals Said After The Game Against Tampa

Zac Taylor and the Bengals earned a 19-14 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in preseason action.
Zac Taylor and the Bengals earned a 19-14 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in preseason action.


(On DE Joseph Ossai's injury)

"We'll found out. It was a wrist injury, so again we will get more confirmation tomorrow and see how severe it is."

(On the rookies' playing time)

"Yeah, it didn't necessarily need to be the full game, but they need to play football. You know, that's just one of the things that happens. You get these young guys to play, we're going to count on them. It happens and we'll see how quickly we get them back."

(On Ossai's performance)

"Yeah, there were a lot of, 'Who is that, 58?' I heard that a lot. I think overall our defense played with a lot of energy. You saw the rushing yards they had and they got after the passer. So, I was really proud of the energy, we challenged these guys at halftime. We need turnovers, we're down 3-0 in the turnover battle. Then they came out and got two right away. I was encouraged by what I saw there."

(On the first drive of the game)

"Yeah, I think it was a six-and-out if I'm not mistaken. It was good, they got them off the field and finished with a sack. They set them back, they were making some progress, they set them back on the drive and then got us the ball on offense. That was a good way for those guys to start. We got them out and now getting them ready for practice next week."

(On using depth throughout the preseason)

"Yeah, use our depth the best we can. You know, see who can help us on gameday. That's the beauty in the preseason, the chance to see the guys play under the lights. It didn't appear to be too big for any of these young guys that we have. I thought our guys stood out and that was encouraging to see. We are hopeful to see that, and we saw it."

(On HB Trayveon William's hamstring injury)

"Yeah, it was tough. We were excited to see Trayveon in this game. He got his hamstring on Thursday right at the end of practice. So, we left him home to rehab that and hopefully it's not too severe. We'll evaluate where he's at this week. I thought Chris Evans did some really good things in the pass game. You know, he had some good runs too. Maybe the yardage doesn't show up, but he had some good tough runs that put us in good situations, the third-and-one really stands out to me. Then, Jacques [Patrick] finished the game for us. Was strong there in four minute. That's the kind of style of runner he is. He really wears down a defense that way, so I thought those two guys (Chris Evans and Jacques Patrick) showed really well in the run game."

(On the offensive line)

"You know, just letting those guys play. There is a lot to remain seen in terms of the evaluation of those guys tonight. It's difficult, to the naked eye it may look like the guard missed his block there when you're just not sure what was going on internally. I certainly will have to watch the tape to really get a good evaluation on those guys."

 (On evaluating what players played during which portion of the game)

"Yeah, I wouldn't read too much into when they played, that was kind of just how we wanted to get them out there."

(On WRs Tyler Boyd, Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins performance)

"Yeah, I think that worked out well. TB (Tyler Boyd) did a nice job on the third-down creating separation. Ja'Marr [Chase] had the great screen that we had to him. Then we put Tee in there one more play to try and get him a target and it worked out and he got a one-on-one, he won. It was good to see those three guys there. [Joe] Mixon got his touch. So just keeping those guys healthy as best we can."

(On Higgins going back out for the second drive so he could get a catch)

"No, it was all or nothing there. It was his only play he was getting there on that second drive. If the ball didn't go his way, then he was out. It was just good for those guys to get on the plane and get those touches."

(On if the team directed the play towards Higgins)

"No, because I don't want to tell the quarterback where to go with it. I think he maybe could read my mind there a little bit, but I think the worst thing you can do is to say, 'Hey throw the ball to this guy,' then the coverage takes it away and now you're in a tough spot. I think Brandon [Allen] had a pretty good idea on what was going on."

(On who will start at quarterback next week)

"No, we'll get home and talk through that as a staff. Tomorrow being an off day for the players, and we'll get together a form a plan there."

(On how many plays the team planned to have the starters play)

"Eight to ten plays was our goal. Tampa got that one first down which extended the drive up by three plays and it felt like we had seen enough. You know, they ended the drive the right way and were good there in coverage.

(On the pressure from offense and defense)

"I think pressure goes both ways, it's getting pressure on the quarterback on defense and we have to have more explosive plays on offense. Those are some things we have talked about a lot, there's a big emphasis as we continue on with camp. So, it was good to see the quarterback on his back several times there. That was encouraging. I look forward to watching the tape to see who all contributed to that." 

(On ending the game with a sack)

"Yeah, that's a great way to end it. Obviously, we wanted to end it in victory formation with the offense. We had the holding call at the end that prevented that, so we had to kick and we just needed one play from the defense to finish it with a sack. Then we ran the clock out, super good way to end it."

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(On the first two drives ending in turnovers)

"Obviously it was a point of emphasis for us with turnovers – killed us last year. Been working on them, obviously we moved the ball well, I thought. I don't recall any three-and-outs or anything. We were moving the ball and getting down the field each of the first two possessions, easily could have had points. [We] want to end them with touchdowns, but we just have to do a better job of cleaning up the details with the turnovers, myself included – the interceptions. We will get back to practice and work on those things."

(On Chris Evans' performance)

"He's great. He has been great all camp. He even showed it tonight – had a few really tough runs in there. He has been great in the passing game – he catches the ball like a receiver. His route running and his hands are very similar to that of an NFL receiver. Anytime we can get him the ball – whether that's the pass game or the run game, I thought he did a great job today."

(On not taking sacks tonight)

"I thought we did great in protection. Obviously as quarterbacks, you don't want to sit back there and hold the ball for a long time, and have your offensive linemen having to block for five, six seconds at a time. Getting the ball out – I thought they did a great job up front communicating. The backs did a great job picking up their blitz responsibilities. I thought protection all around was pretty solid."

(On he and Joe Burrow communicating during the game)

"We always communicate on the sideline. When I was out there playing, he was telling me what he was seeing from the defense. We always have a lot of that back and forth – it's great to have that, especially from him. Obviously, I'll do the same for him when he starts playing. Anytime you can get another quarterback's mind thinking about things, I think it helps you go out there a play a little better."

(On if Joe Burrow is anxious to get back on the field)

"He's very anxious. He's obviously a great player and he's going to be a great player. When he gets his out there, he's going to be Joe Burrow."


(On scoring a touchdown)

"It was crazy. Just seeing how big people are and after the first couple hits I got acquainted. I was like 'Alright, I'm supposed to be here.' We're all good and let's just play some football like we have been playing our whole life."

(On converting a third-and-one)

"I played in so many plays – special teams, I don't even remember. It was one of those carries and I was like 'Let's relax now, let's play football.'"

(On his spin move)

"No, I just relax and let my body play. I have just been playing football my whole life and I let my body react to anything."

(On leading up to scoring touchdown)

"It was good. The play before was getting reviewed. The O-Line was like 'Let's punch it in, punch it in, punch it in' and it was a great feeling. To be in the NFL and I know it's preseason, but having the opportunity to score a touchdown is just a blessing."


(On reaction to interception)

"I'm just out there doing me. I'm trying to make plays, trying to make plays for my team. I'm trying to earn the trust of the players and the trust of the coaches. But that's all I'm doing. I am just out there playing. That is all I'm doing."

(On the actual play of interception when ball came up)

"I had no idea until I looked up [laughs] and I was like 'Oh, okay we got it.' So that's good. Good things happened."

(On going into the season)

"I just have a chip on my shoulder this year. This is my fourth year. I haven't been on the same team two years in a row. I just take that as a challenge to myself to go in there and do my job. Like I said before, earn the trust of the coaches, earn the trust of the players, be on a team two years in a row. That's my goal."


(On if he was pleased with his first catch)

"Not really, I would've liked to go a little further, down to the two [yard-line] at least, definitely a touchdown or something close."

(On the play call)

"Yeah, it's not really ran good against our defense but once we got to the game it became pretty much open. Once I knew the defensive back played off of me then I knew he was going to call it and have some good yards on it."

(On his catch)

"Could've capitalized a little more on it. Hit it a little faster and maybe it could've been something better, could have got more yards or something like that but I take what the defense gives me."

(On the blocking in front of him)

"I didn't even see it. I couldn't even see it, I was too busy worrying about [Quinton] Spain trying to get back to the safety so it could be an easy walk-in touchdown, so, I was trying to set up my next block so I can get in."

(On how long he played)

"No, just because it was my first game back, I was so anxious to play and so excited to be in another game. I was trying to go in an extra series but I was sure that wasn't going to happen."

(On the performance of the offense)

"It just showed that we can definitely get the ball to anybody on our side of the ball on our offense. All our receivers could get open, that just shows that we're hungry, if you put the ball in our hands we're going to make a play for it."