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Cincinnati Bengals' TikTok Triumphs: Ranking the Top Five Viral Moments of 2023

Through 2023, the Cincinnati Bengals have continued to elevate the game on TikTok. As the NFL continues to embrace the power of social media, the Bengals have emerged as frontrunners in creating engaging and shareable content.

Bengals 2023 TikTok Fast Facts:

  • 5th most followed club in the league
  • 2.04 Million followers
  • 26 Million interactions in 2023 (3rd most in NFL) 
  • 192 Million video views in 2023 (3rd most in NFL) 
  • Added 574 K new followers in 2023 (3rd most in NFL) 

Below, check out the top five viral videos from the Bengals' TikTok account in 2023. From behind-the-scenes glimpses to hilarious team antics, they don't disappoint!

5) Bengals' Favorite Taylor Swift Songs

5.4 million views, 756.6K likes, 28.2k saves and over 10,000 shares

Zach Carter had great energy at least!

4) Media Day Pranks

6.9 million views, 921.9K likes, 36.8K saves and almost 4,000 shares

CTB really went for it!

3) Joseph Ossai Guesses What's In The Box

8.3 million views, 996.2K likes, almost 40,000 saves and 15.7K shares

Joseph Ossai's "Fan Favorite" era really kicked off with this video.

2) Happy Birthday Joe!

9.2 million views, over 1 million likes, 36.5K saves and over 9,000 shares

Simple, yet effective.

1) Tee's First Snow Game

11.1 million views, almost 2 million likes, over 95,000 saves and 36.9K shares

Snow is not for everybody, especially Tee!