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Statement From The Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals players, coaches, ownership and staff marched from Paul Brown Stadium to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to deliver an important team message.

"As this country continues to see instances of racial discrimination and injustices, it is time for us to act. Together, as a unified front, we must identify, address and ultimately end those practices and policies that would deny liberty and justice to all, regardless of race, religion, or creed. It is time for us all to take a stand!

"It is each of our responsibility to effect change in our communities, not only for us but for those yet to come. We cannot turn a blind eye to the racism still experienced in this country. This is not an issue of politics but a fight for equality and life. If this nation is to ever reach the goals that it has promised its citizens, we must be catalysts for change."

The team followed its statement with a tour of the Freedom Center and an educational presentation by President Woodrow "Woody" Keown Jr. and other key staff.

Images from the Bengals as players, coaches and ownership as they joined together for a statement about social justice.

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