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Rivers heads back to school


This was no ordinary day for Andy Greisl, a fifth-grader at Lady of Lourdes Elementary School. Andy was the lucky winner of the Pepsi Take an NFL Rookie to School Promotion. As the winner he got to trade in his normal ride to school for a limo and bring Keith Rivers in to meet his fellow fifth-graders for a not so ordinary show and tell!

Keith pulled up to the Greisl house in a limo and spent some time with Andy and his family before they all headed off to school.  They talked about football, school and friends, and Andy was able to show off his Bengals-themed basement. Even though they were running behind, everyone knew that Andy would not be getting a tardy slip on that day.

Once at school, Andy was beaming with pride as he introduced Rivers to his fifth-grade class. Keith talked with the class and answered questions. The students learned what it takes to be an NFL player and all the hard work that is involved. They were surprised to find out that more time is spent in the classroom than on the playing field. Keith also stressed the amount of homework he has to do to prepare for games and the season. They wrapped up with pictures and autographs and the kids eventually had to head back to class. 

This young winner is very deserving and that is the best part about this promotion. Andy Greisl has had to deal with quite a bit over the past year. On July 7, 2008 Andy's father, Doug Greisl, was struck head on by a drunk driver. Doug survived the accident, but has had to endure many surgeries, including a right leg amputation. Needless to say, the accident changed the life of the Greisl family forever. The day to day challenges have taken a toll on the whole family and Andy just doesn't get to enjoy the same experiences with his father as he has in the past.

Thanks to Pepsi and the Cincinnati Bengals, Andy and his family were able to share a once in a lifetime experience. Andy will always remember the day got to bring an NFL player to school. He will get to see Keith in person again, as Rivers invited him to a game this season and is providing him with sideline passes. As Keith said his goodbyes, Doug Greisl looked at him and said, "Thank you so much. You really have made Andy's year."

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