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Kresser hurting


The Bengals are crossing their fingers as they wait for a magnetic resonance imaging test (MRI) of quarterback Eric Kresser's throwing shoulder. Kresser left this past weekend's game in NFL Europe after taking a hit on the shoulder when his Berlin team played Scotland.

The Bengals have been told by the Berlin's club doctors that they believe Kresser's injury isn't from the hit, but from wear and tear. It could be anything, ranging from a sore shoulder that needs rest to torn cartilage. The European doctors don't think it's a rotator cuff injury, but the Bengals aren't saying anything until their doctors read the MRI. They hope that's as soon as Thursday.

Kresser, a second-year player from Marshall, got off to a fast start with Berlin, passing for four touchdowns in the second week of the season. But he's struggled as of late and is last in NFL Europe passing with a rating of 64.6 on five touchdowns and six interceptions. He's completed 52 of 102 passes, but was just 4 of 11 before he had to leave last week's game.

If Kresser is healthy, he'll duel with second-year man Scott Covington for the No. 3 quarterback spot behind Akili Smith and Scott Mitchell.




Right tackle Willie Anderson and his agent planned to meet tonight to discuss their response to the Bengals' latest offer for a contract extension. Terry Bolar spoke with Katie Blackburn today, the club's executive vice president, and she said the Bengals didn't get a firm yes or no.

"We continue to talk about different things," Bolar said.

Bengals vice president Paul Brown spoke to the agent for Pro Bowl running back Corey Dillon today and he's hopeful that a meeting can be set up with Marvin Demoff next week to discuss the club's five-year, $18.3 million offer.




  • Nose tackle Oliver Gibson won't have surgery on the torn ligaments in his left thumb and he'll remain in a cast for four to six weeks. Trainer Paul Sparling said he expects Gibson to practice with the cast at the June camp and that he'll be fine for training camp Sparling said defensive end John Copeland should be able to begin light jogging next week on the ankle that had a bone spur removed last month. Sparling says he should be ready for the June camp.
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