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Hostetter wish granted


*Article written by, Mendy Hamilton special education director for hillsboro city schools

Brandon Hostetter, was a sixth grade student at Hillsboro City School's who passed away on June 12, 2015 from Neuroblastoma Stage 4 Cancer. Brandon had a wish to meet a Professional Football Player and the Cincinnati Bengals made that wish come true. They provided him with a full access tour of their facilities and allowed him to meet players and coaches. The players, staff, executives and coaches went out of their way to make sure his day was truly special.

After our visit, Jeff Brickner(Cincinnati Bengals Equipment Manager) called back and told us that Brandon really touched the Bengals  hearts and wanted to know if there was anything else they could do. We suggested that they donate some items for our silent auction at our local athletic gala and they put together an array of cleats, pictures, footballs and a helmet, all signed by numerous players. In addition to their donation, they arranged for Brandon to be able to fulfill another wish of being able to see a WWE wrestling event by getting him box seats to WWE Raw held in Cincinnati on a Monday night. The Cincinnati Bengals are a truly classy and wonderful organization that went above and beyond to make Brandon feel at home and make sure he had a great day. I cannot thank them enough.

*All proceeds earned from the auction are going toward a headstone for Brandon as well as a memorial stone that will be placed at the school. 

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