Hobson's Choice: Simon says?


Now that the Eagles have released DT Corey Simon there is talk that the Bengals may be in the hunt to acquire him. Some speculate that the Bengals are prepared to drop Peter Warrick from the roster in order to clear up enough cap room to sign the former Eagles franchise player. What, realistically, are the chances that Coach Lewis and Mike Brown will pursue this scenario, and how much of an impact would you expect Simon to have on defense?

Kevin Morgantown, WV

Expect the Bengals to pursue the idea and they may have indeed already called agent Roosevelt Barnes. But only as interested bystanders. Don't expect them to be hot and heavy, given that Simon had been looking for the NFL's biggest contract for a defensive tackle and two of the Bengals' best players this preseason have been starting defensive tackles John Thornton and Bryan Robinson.

Considering what you're paying Robinson and Thornton and how they are playing, you can't sit them down or cut them. And, whatever you'd have to pay Simon, you couldn't sit him down, either. Obviously, he would make them a better team. He may not be the dominant player many predicted him to be a couple of years ago, but he's in the top tier. But, as they say, there are good fits and bad fits.

Clearly, the Bengals would have to cut Peter Warrick to make room and that may not be enough since Simon reportedly turned down something in the $5 million per year range from Baltimore recently when the Eagles had a trade worked out with the Ravens.

And, if they wanted to cut Warrick, they certainly would have done it by now. If there were people pounding on the door to trade for him, you have to believe they would have showcased him last Friday night in Philadelphia. The Bengals must be holding out to see if he can play. Plus, if other teams think there's any chance he'll get cut, they won't talk trade.

By the way, it doesn't appear that the Bengals had a deal worked out for Simon as once reported. Before they would work one out for him now, the price would have to come down, and it might because of the lateness of the hour and the little salary cap money left. But it will take at least a few days for the market to play out.

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