Hobson's Choice: No shortage of roster scrums

What positions do you think will have the most competition during training camp? I saw a breakdown of the linebacking corps and it seemed pretty loaded with players? Also, what's the latest with Chris Perry? Will he be ready to go for training camp? And what are our options should he get hurt again? It seems Kenny Watson is the only one should that happen. Aside from Quincy Wilson, there's only fullbacks left on the roster. Is this a concern at all to the coaches? Great interview with Odell Thurman by the way.
You won't be able to tell the players without a scorecard at backer, defensive line, offensive line, and wide receiver when they get to Georgetown. The latest on Perry is the latest he'll be back on the field is early June. Going off what happened last year, they have to be satisfied with what Kenny Watson gave them backing up Rudi Johnson.

If Perry isn't healthy, the question seems to be if they think Watson can carry the ball 200 to 250 times in a season if Johnson can't. Watson only carried 26 times last season (Johnson has done at least that in six games), but as a rookie in 2002 he carried 116 times in backing up Stephen Davis at 4.6 yards per shot. That would seem to offer some comfort and what else can you do if you keep three running backs and just one fullback?

That is how the roster has broken down in the recent past: 4 RBs, 3QBs, 6 WRs, 3 TEs, 10 OL, 8 DL, 7 LBs, 9 DBs, 1 Kicker, 1 Punter, 1 Long Snapper for 53.

They could decide to keep six backers and 10 DBs depending on how people play in the preseason. That means you have mega battles at backer and receiver.

Just do a for instance with the wide receivers. Figure Chad, T.J. and the two rookies, Chris Henry and Tab Perry, make it. Is Peter Warrick healthy, and who makes it out of Kelley Washington,. Kevin Walter, Cliff Russell, and Jamall Broussard, just to name a few?

And at backer, you've got starters Brian Simmons, Landon Johnson, and David Pollack. At backups, say you've got Odell Thurman and Caleb Miller. What do you do with the injured Nate Webster if he's not ready for the opener? Plus, you also have guys like Khalid Abdullah and Marcus Wilkins, special teams stars of the past two seasons, and versatile Larry Stevens. Just to name a few.

Offensive line is another battleground. If Rich Braham re-signs, what happens to veteran Larry Moore and does coveted free-agent rookie center Ben Wilkerson make the roster, or do they risk he clears waivers and put him on the practice squad? Then there's Stacy Andrews trying to win the job as the third tackle.

No, never a dull moment in Bengaldom.

Odell, the Takeo Look-Alike, certainly carried that interview, didn't he? He should have no problems in this media market if he talks like Chad and plays like Spikes.

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