Hobson's Choice: Don't look for Dub

looks like marvin made a big mistake with the henry pick. loads of talent but no brains. what do you think the chance would be to bring back P-dub back??? he wont be getting high paid salary he hasnt set the world afire in seattle but he would be a great third wr and a punt returner two big needs now.
Jason, Sidney, Ohio JASON:
It certainly looks bad, doesn't it? You'd have to say it would be a major surprise if he's not cut by or suspended for Opening Day. But an ever greater surprise would be if Peter Warrick came back here.

In defense of Lewis, there was nothing in the pre-draft research of Henry that suggested he would be a get-me-lawyers-guns-and-money guy. But, there were enough red flags that indicated he might not be a guy that fit easily into the system.

Or, as they like to say, "a character risk."

Now Lewis is going through the same thing Sam Wyche (Reggie Rembert), Dave Shula (Carl Pickens), and Bruce Coslet (Corey Dillon, Tremain Mack) went through. They may play well for you for a stretch (Rembert didn't even play), but at what cost to locker room chemistry and the club's image?

This isn't to bury Henry, either. He's 22 years old from a difficult background and maybe he can get over these lapses and become a guy who contributes positively to his team and community. But how long do you wait and, again, at what cost?

I also think it's difficult for a team to have a blanket philosophy of refusing to draft players with any baggage at all. Heck, middle linebacker Odell Thurman, drafted a round before Henry in the second, had more off-field problems in college and he's been fine. Some kids are wronged by mis-labeling.

The question is, how long do you put up with it when there are problems?

Probably until you can replace him. But they won't do it with Warrick. He's purely a slot receiver and they've already got one of the best in the NFL with T.J. Houshmandzadeh, a guy that can also hurt you on the outside.

Warrick is too small and too slow to make hay on the outside consistently. That's why Henry is such a talent. His strength is scoring from anywhere on the field with the dangerous fade and go routes using his speed and tall, lean body for a great target.

Plus, Lewis is trying to get away from the mentality that Warrick flashed last week during one of his Super Bowl interviews. He complained the Seahawks hadn't given him enough snaps, which is just absolutely unbelievable that a guy would say that with his team 60 minutes from the big one. I mean, they went 16-2 with him barely playing, so what does that say? And with the Chad Johnson Halftime Show still hovering, he has to send some messages to his locker room.

No. Very doubtful Lewis has Warrick back. They'll have to get that punt returner in the draft or free agency.

You have to go on the assumption that they won't have Henry for at least the first month of the season with a possible NFL suspension. Kelley Washington now has to be in their plans as the No. 3 wideout, although they have to hope some team doesn't offer him an inordinate amount of money in restricted free agency.

Plus, they like Tab Perry an awful lot. He's big and he can run and you have to figure his role could very well expand into a No. 3.

Henry is a special talent. He scores touchdowns. But it's now officially a lot more complicated than that as Henry's Bengal future teeters.

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