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Fantasy Review: Week 14

James Morris hails from Rio Rancho, NM and has been playing fantasy sports for well over a decade. Not only does he write the Bengals fantasy section, but he also does the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers fantasy sections, as well as the Indiana Pacers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Utah Jazz fantasy basketball sections in the NBA. Last season James finished with an 82 percent accuracy rating for fantasy predictions and will be here to answer any questions you may have about your specific team. Just send him an email and he will reply back the same day with your answer.

Week 14 is now over and while some are now out of the race for a league title, the rest are moving on to the Semifinals. The week started out with a surprise loss by the Pittsburgh Steelers and finished with a rout by the Arizona Cardinals, but I had my best week to date and if you listened to me, you are one of the few that moved on to the next round of the fantasy playoffs.


Eli Manning: Manning and the rest of the New York Giants are fighting for their playoff lives, and this weekend Manning did his part by throwing for 391 yards and 3 TDs. The Giants have to have games like this from Manning each week to finish out the season if they hope to make it to the postseason, and fantasy owners are along for the ride too.

Matt Schaub: I knew Schaub would have a great day against a Seahawks defense that allows just over 252 YPG through the air this season. Schaub finished Sunday with 365 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT, right where I said he would.

Chris Johnson: Johnson is one of the top fantasy RBs, and he proved it this weekend as he finished with 117 rushing yards, 69 receiving yards, and 3 total TDs (2 rushing and 1 receiving). The Titans offense isn't exactly explosive, so Johnson is going to be the go-to guy if they are going to put points on the board.

Ray Rice: Rice is someone I knew would do well this season because the Ravens passing game leaves a lot to be desired in my eyes. This weekend Rice finished with 219 total yards (166 rushing and 53 receiving). He scored just once, but 200+ yards and a score is more than enough for me in the fantasy playoffs.

Brandon Marshall: Marshall had himself a career game as he finished with an NFL record 21 receptions for 200 yards and 2 TDs. This will never happen again, but if you were smart enough to listen to me and start Marshall, congratulations.

Andre Johnson: Johnson was the lucky recipient of Schaub's big day as he finished with 11 catches for 193 yards and 2 TDs. The Texans can't run the ball, so passing is the way they will move the ball and you will want to ride Schaub and Johnson until the wheels fall off.

Dallas Clark: Even though Clark only racked up 43 receiving yards, he still found a way to catch 3 touchdowns and that will land him in the winner's circle just about every week.

Tennessee Titans Defense: Another one I called, did you listen? The Titans allowed just seven points and finished with five interceptions, one sack, and a defensive touchdown. Scoring a defensive TD is golden in fantasy leagues.


Aaron Rodgers: Before the season started I had big dreams for Rodgers, but this weekend he forgot to show up to the game and caused a lot of losses for fantasy owners. Rodgers managed to throw for just 180 yards and no scores this weekend. He did complete a 2-point conversion, but he also lost a fumble, which takes those additional points right back.

Carson Palmer: I am a big fan of Palmer, but this weekend he had one of the worst games of his career. Palmer finished the game with 94 yards and a TD. That's right, 94 passing yards. He needs to find a way to throw for more yards if he wants to keep fantasy owners' confidence.

Steven Jackson: Jackson and the Rams offense failed to impress on Sunday as he finished with just 47 rushing yards and no touchdowns. Because of the problems there are in St. Louis, I wouldn't look for a major turnaround from Jackson as the season finishes.

Chris Brown: Brown took over the starting RB job when Steve Slaton was put on the IR, but he failed to live up to the hype this weekend as he finished with a whopping 7 rushing yards on three carries. Adding insult to shame, Brown has lost his job to Arian Foster.

Randy Moss: And the problems just keep on coming for Moss as not only did he finish with one catch for 16 yards, but Panthers CB Chris Gamble said that Moss "shut it down" due to Carolina's constant pressure early in Sunday's game. "Once you get into him in the beginning of the game, he shuts it down," Gamble said. "We knew he was going to shut it down. He'd just give up a lot – Slow down, he's not going deep, not trying to run a route. You can tell by his body language."

Larry Fitzgerald: Megatron (Calvin Johnson) was a mega bust this weekend as he finished with 37 receiving yards, but Fitzgerald was the No. 1 WR taken in most leagues and he managed just two catches for 22 yards and no TDs. This sure wasn't the weekend for Fitzgerald to have an off game.

Greg Olsen: I warned people about Olsen many times, but a lot of people didn't take the advice. This week Olsen managed an astounding 2 catches for 14 yards, which just proves that there is something very wrong with Chicago's offense.

Pittsburgh Steelers Defense: The Steelers defense allowed just 13 points to the Browns, but their only other defensive stat was a single sack. No interceptions, no touchdowns, and no fumbles makes this top-ranked defense a major disappointment in round 1 of the fantasy playoffs.

So, how did I do in Week 1 of the fantasy playoffs? I went 15-for-16, missing on just TE Fred Davis. The Chargers defense gave up 17 points and managed just one sack, which gave me a correct answer. Fred Jackson didn't score, but he did manage 99 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards, and 91 return yards, which means he was still well worth an RB2 slot. Bruce Gradkowski has torn MCLs in both of his knees. The starters were complete winners and the sitters were complete busts, so my 93.75 percent rating this week shows that I can lead you to the promised land if you are willing to follow.

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