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Fantasy Review: Week 11

James Morris hails from Rio Rancho, NM and has been playing fantasy sports for well over a decade. Not only does he write the Bengals fantasy section, but he also does the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers fantasy sections, as well as the Indiana Pacers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Utah Jazz fantasy basketball sections in the NBA. Last season James finished with an 82 percent accuracy rating for fantasy predictions and will be here to answer any questions you may have about your specific team. Just send him an email and he will reply back the same day with your answer.

Week 11 of the NFL saw some highs and some lows, but not always from the people you would have thought. I wouldn't get too excited by some of these numbers because you are almost certain to not see a game like this again this season.


Matthew Stafford: Stafford busted out for a career game as he threw for 422 yards and 5 TDs. Although he did throw 2 INTs, he is the poster-child for not getting excited because this was against the Cleveland Browns.

Brady Quinn: Quinn was on the other side of the ball in the Browns/Lions game, and since one defense is just as bad as another, he made the winners list also. Quinn had his career game as he threw for 304 yards, 4 TDs, and no INTs. He won't have another one like this, so it was wasted in fantasy terms because I don't think a single person owned him, let alone started him.

Ricky Williams: I told you about Sticky Ricky before the Thursday game. Williams put up 119 rushing yards, 19 receiving yards, and 3 total TDs in his first game as the feature back in Miami. I don't think you can expect 3 TDs each week, but 100+ yards and 1-2 scores is likely.

Jason Snelling: Filling in for Michael Turner, Snelling managed to rush for 76 yards with 2 TDs. It is still unknown if Turner will be out again in Week 12, but if he is out and Snelling starts again, he is a must start against the Bucs.

Terrell Owens: T.O. was the recipient of a 98-yard touchdown pass en route to 197 receiving yards. The Bills have more problems on offense than one player can overcome, but Owens overcame them in this one game.

Wes Welker: Welker is the security blanket that Tom Brady missed so very much while he was injured. But, now Welker is back and in full effect as he finished this game with 15 receptions for 192 yards. The only drawback on the day for Welker is that he didn't reach the endzone.

Kevin Boss: Boss came from nowhere to rattle off 5 catches for 76 yards and 2 TDs. Boss isn't a part of the Giants passing game normally, so this is one of the games where you don't want to get excited over his big fantasy numbers.

Kansas City Chiefs Defense: The Chiefs did better than anyone expected in this one as they were able to total 3 sacks, 2 INTs, a forced fumble, and a defensive TD. It was because of those stats that they were able to overcome the 24 points allowed and still be a starting fantasy defense.


Philip Rivers: We've become so spoiled by Rivers that it hurts even more when he has an off game like he did in Week 11. Rivers finished with 145 passing yards and a single TD, but things will get better in Week 12 as the Chargers face the Chiefs.

Peyton Manning: Even though Manning threw for 299 yards and a TD, he makes the losers list because of the 2 INTs he threw. Maybe I am wrong, but I expect more TDs than INTs from this Manning brother each and every week.

Matt Forte: It is almost a complete and total lost season for Forte. This week Forte managed to rush for 34 yards, receive 20 yards via the air, and even lose a fumble as the Bears lost to the Eagles. He has the fantasy playoffs to salvage the season.

Carnell Williams: The one they call Cadillac looked more like a used Chevy Caprice in Week 12 as he finished with just 32 yards rushing and no scores. Tampa Bay's offense is terrible and that makes anyone on the Bucs a risky start any week.

Roddy White: The Falcons passing attack certainly hasn't been what anyone had hoped this season and with that comes games like this where White finishes with 4 catches for 45 yards and no endzone visits. Move on.

Brandon Marshall: And Week 11 is the exact reason why I never hopped on the Marshall express bandwagon. He collected a grand total of 3 receptions for 26 yards and no touchdowns. Kyle Orton is still Kyle Orton and that makes Marshall a guessing game for fantasy play. I went against my better judgment and picked him to start this week and I won't make that mistake again.

Dallas Clark: Even though Clark got himself a TD this week, it was on a 3-yard pass and on his only reception. I fully expect more from Clark and Manning, so even a TD won't keep him off this list if he only catches one pass for 3 yards.

Carolina Panthers Defense: The Panthers managed to find a way to get no sacks, no INTs, no fumbles, and give up 24 points in their loss to Miami. I know the Dolphins run the Wildcat offense, but the Panthers flat-lined with stats and that got them on this list.

Well, I went 12-for-16 and only missed on Matt Ryan, Marion Barber, Chris Chambers and the Baltimore Ravens defense. I will never get too upset about 75 percent correct for my picks, and you shouldn't either since the other sites are averaging around 48 percent for the season.

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