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Fantasy Insider: Week 8


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Many of you drafted Tony Romo with your first overall pick to be the anchor that got you to the playoffs, and eventually a league title. But, those hopes went down faster than the Titanic on Sunday as fans watched Romo go down with a fractured clavicle. Veteran QB Jon Kitna will take the reigns over in Big D, but that is not the best or worst thing that could have happened. Many of you have already asked me if you should pick up Kitna and the simple answer is yes.

Kitna has the weapons to succeed, but he is a statue in the pocket and the Cowboys O-line can't stop with the penalties. Kitna isn't the same QB1 that Romo was, but he is a high-end QB2 in Week 8.

On a side note, I got more than 150 emails asking if Kenyatta and Chris are real people. Yes people, there ARE Bears and Cowboys fans out there and two of them are named Kenyatta and Chris.

Byes: Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles


Matthew Stafford: Stafford returns just in time as Romo is out and five of the six teams on their bye weeks have QBs worth starting in most formats. The Redskins give up 292.1 YPG in the air and have allowed 10 TD passes this season. I'd have Stafford as the No. 9 or 10 ranked QB this week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: I know I told you to pass on Fitzy, but so many of you did that I guess I will show him some love. The Chiefs are 25th against the pass and give up 243.8 YPG via the pass. If you picked him up this week or need a bye week fill-in, give Fitzpatrick a look.

Darren McFadden: No, not because of last week's game either. Well, not only because of last week's game. This week the Raiders face the Seahawks and their second-ranked run defense, but I think he will knock them out of that spot because the whole Raiders offense is centered on the run. I am going against the grain this week and recommending that you start McFadden.

Ryan Torain: Torain racked up 100 yards and two TDs in his first start, then 125 yards in his second start. This week he faces the Lions and their 27th-ranked run defense and I wouldn't mind seeing Torain in your lineup as a low-end RB1.

Kenny Britt: Britt had a career game last weekend, and I think he can put together another good game this week against the Chargers. Sure, the Chargers are the league's best team at defending the pass, but they lack playmakers and they will be so focused on stopping Chris Johnson that Britt will see single coverage and should be able to exploit that.

Pierre Garcon: Garcon put up 103 yards and a score last weekend and the Texans are dead last against the pass this season, so this is a recipe even Martha Stewart would love.

Jacob Tamme: I don't want you getting any crazy ideas about Tamme being your savior this season, but word is that Tamme can do all the same thing that Dallas Clark did on offense and why shouldn't he? They both have the same build and skill-set. TE2 is where he should be until he shows us exactly what he can do.

Kansas City Chiefs Defense: The Chiefs defense isn't one that many people own, and rightfully so since they are 17th in the league at total yards allowed. But, this weekend they face the Bills, who are 23rd in passing offense and 15th in rushing.


Jon Kitna: Kitna has the weapons to be dangerous, but he is a stone statue behind center and has no mobility whatsoever. Not to mention the Cowboys have the worst O-line in the league at racking up penalties. That being said, Kitna is not the QB1 many of you are trying to stick him in as and I wouldn't put him any higher than a top-tier QB2.

Brett Favre: I am going to bet that Favre plays on Sunday, simply because I think he is all the Vikings have and even hurt, he gives them the best chance to win. That being said, I wouldn't own Favre, let alone start him.

Chris Ivory: Ivory had one good game against the Buccaneers and everyone freaked out and thought they had themselves a diamond in the rough. The Steelers are the best team in the league at shutting down the run, so I'd leave Ivory on the bench this weekend or just cut him since Thomas and Bush are coming back soon.

Danny Woodhead: Woodhead dually qualifies at WR and RB in most fantasy leagues and he was supposed to be the next Wes Welker in fantasy managers' minds. He may get you 100-plus all-purpose yards, but he won't score and shouldn't be started.

Larry Fitzgerald: Fitzgerald's fall from grace has been swift, and this week will be no exception. The Cardinals have QB woes and Fitzgerald has failed to break the 100-yard mark this season. I would trade him if you can, but either way I wouldn't start him.

Mike Williams (Sea): Williams has 21 receptions, 210 receiving yards and a score over the last two games, but this one is going to be different. The Raiders have this guy named Nnamdi Asomugha and he shuts down the other team's best receiver. Well, Williams is the No. 1 receiver on the Seahawks roster and he will be shut down this weekend.

Visanthe Shiancoe: Shiancoe has a grand total of six catches over the past four games, far from starting material. He had two good games to start the season, but since then he has done nothing and you might want to consider cutting him all together.

Minnesota Vikings Defense: The Vikings were projected in the top three for fantasy defenses before the season started, but they find themselves around 28th in fantasy points scored this season. This weekend they face the Patriots offense, and, even without Randy Moss, I still wouldn't pick Tom Brady to have back-to-back bad games.


Q: Hey man I need your help and you haven't let me down yet. I have the Cowboys Team QB. My first instinct when Romo went out was to drop my Cowboys Team QB. But then I saw that Kitna throw 2 TD passes in the fourth quarter against the Giants. Do you think Kitna is worth keeping until Romo is back? Or I can pick up one of these: Bills Team QB, Buccaneers Team QB, 49ers Team QB?
--Aaron in Louisville, KYA: Kitna has the weapons to do well in fantasy terms. His problem is that he has zero mobility and his O-line creates far too many penalties. If you are in a Team QB type of league, I'd keep Dallas simply because of Austin, Witten, Bryant and Williams.

The other teams you mentioned are terrible at best and will do more harm than good.

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