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Fantasy Forecast: Week 7

*New to our web site this season is James Morris, the owner and CEO of No Limit Fantasy Sports. James will provide you with insights on the coming week's game, advice on who to sit and start, as well as answer your questions via email. *


What a horrible week I had in Week 6! I am still bitter over it and don't even want to talk about it. On the bright side, Roy Williams was traded to the Dallas Cowboys at the deadline on Tuesday. That means that if Tony Romo can play through his broken pinky finger, he stands to get an increase on his already sky-high value. As of right now, Romo thinks he can play and owner Jerry Jones says it looks "promising." I would keep a very close eye on this all the way up to game time.

Joseph Addai is down for 2-4 weeks with a torn hammy, so his owners should have been first in line to snag Dominic Rhodes as a handcuff. Addai sounds like he wants to try and play A.S.A.P., but his owners would be better off to have him back in three weeks healed rather than play for three weeks at a fraction of the value.

Also, owners should know that Larry Johnson has been suspended by the team for one game. That means he will miss this weekend's game against the Titans.


Man, this is a hard one to write because I have to balance the obvious with the positive. Carson Palmer has a bad wing and both of his top wideouts are telling him to shut it down; Chris Perry looks like he is about to lose his job outright to Cedric Benson and, to top it off, Chad Ocho Cinco thinks he is being punished for offseason threats to sit out the entire season.

I've had emails asking if the team could go winless this season and what do I think the problem is. Just to be honest, I don't see the Bengals running the table in reverse and I think the major problem is the other team scoring more points than them.

As of right now, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a must have if you have Palmer, Cedric Benson needs to be picked up if you have Perry, and both Housh and Cinco are seeing their trade value slip in fantasy leagues. This is the time where the rubber meets the road with your team Bengals fans. Do you bleed orange and black or are you going to jump ship and hop on someone else's bandwagon?


Matt Schaub: That's right ... I said it! Schaub and Andre Johnson should both have huge games facing an inept Lions defense. The Texans are averaging over 260 passing yards per game this season, and the Lions give up over 250 yards. Sounds like 300+ yards and a couple of TDs to me.

Trent Edwards: Edwards was a bust for his owners last week as he left the game with a concussion. This week he faces the Chargers and they have the second worst passing defense in the NFL this season. Edwards was starting to pay off for his owners before last week and given the matchup, I think this is a great time to play him.

Steve Slaton: Yep, I am going to pile on the sure thing this week. Slaton and the Texans are all set to roll right over and through the Lions. I am so convinced about this game, I am thinking of sitting LaDainian Tomlinson in favor of Slaton in my 1 RB league. No joke!

Chris Johnson: Johnson has shown some amazing ability so far this season. Johnson playing against the team that gives up the most rushing yards per game at 182.2 makes this an easy call. If you have Johnson and you keep him on the bench, I'd LOVE to know who your other two RBs or flex option are!

Andre Johnson: CHOO-CHOO ... ALL ABOARD! Johnson actually could be the No. 1 or No. 2 overall WR this week beside Brandon Marshall. I don't need to keep on telling you, but this is going to be a blowout!

Bernard Berrian: Playing against his former team is added incentive for him to produce. He came alive finally last week and the Bears corners are hurting. With Chicago worrying about Adrian Peterson all day, Berrian could be the better bet of the two in fantasy leagues this weekend.

Tony Scheffler: He is all set to return this weekend and not a moment too soon for Cutler owners. New England only gives up 201.4 YPG via the air, but while the Pats focus on Marshall and Royal, Scheffler will run around loose in the middle. I like him this weekend. You thought I was going to say Owen Daniels huh? I have him ranked about the same as Scheffler, but enough is enough there.

Miami: This is my long shot/bye week filler/your defense is HORRIBLE/you have the Patriots or Lions defense pick. If you need a defense this weekend for any reason, give the Dolphins a look. The Ravens are ranked 25th out of 32 for total yards, are second in most fumbles with 11 and are tied for eighth for fumbles lost with five.

**SIT 'EM**

Derek Anderson: The Redskins defense has solidified as of late and they have moved up to 13th place in passing yards against this season with 202 per game. Shawn Springs is going to be all over Braylon Edwards like white on rice, on a paper plate, with a glass of milk, in a snow storm!

Kyle Orton: Everyone has been riding that Kyle Orton bandwagon pretty hard lately and the end has come. The Vikings have a very tough defense only giving up 284 total yards per game. I fully expect Orton to go Kyle Orton and implode on his fantasy owners this weekend.

Dominic Rhodes: Now, there have been a lot of people running to grab Rhodes off their waiver wire and rightfully so. But, Rhodes has only logged 32 total carries for 104 yards this season and the Packers are at home. Granted, the Packers dont have the best run defense, but I am going to look for Peyton to throw more and use the run as a change of pace with Addai out.

Earnest Graham: Last week Graham volunteered to move to fullback and this week he returns to his halfback spot. But, he is still in a timeshare with Warrick Dunn. The Seahawks give up just over 126 YPG on the ground, but can you trust who the Bucs will go to?

Roy Williams: People have gone completely NUTS over Roy Williams in Dallas. I've heard people talking about Williams now becoming a top flight receiver in the Big D. That is just foolish. Williams still has Terrell Owens and Jason Witten to battle for throws, and with Romo hurt and Marion Barber killing it on the ground, Williams is going to be a letdown this weekend for fantasy owners.

Lance Moore: I'm a big Moore fan. But, with Colston and Shockey both returning, his fantasy starter status has officially ended. Moore can still be a productive WR3/Flex, but dont hope he is going to give you consistent numbers throughout the rest of the season. I still have him in the top 25, but just barely.

Jeremy Shockey: He should be back this weekend, but that doesn't mean insert him right away. I am going to hold off on him until he shows me he can go over the middle and take a hit without reinjuring himself. I would even play Greg Olsen over him this weekend, and I gave Orton the Sit 'Em call.

Chargers Defense: The Bolts play the Bills and Edwards should be back. Buffalo can run the ball and pass the ball well, so this isn't the week to play San Diego's defense. This isn't the season really. But, more specifically, not THIS weekend.


Q: Any chance Kenny Watson gets a chance to start in the next few weeks?
--John Risko

A: Nope. Benson is ahead of him on the depth chart, so two people will have to get hurt for Watson to start. The Bengals like the way Cedric Benson runs between the tackles and the decisiveness of his cuts. Coach Lewis hinted that Chris Perry hasn't been able to run up the middle as well as the Bengals would like. SO, considering Perry's obvious struggles, Benson could take over early down work sooner rather than later. Benson has had his own problems with fumbles, poor yards per carry, and passing situations, so keep your expectations in check.

If you want to have your question answered for all your friends to see, shoot me an email and I will give you some one-on-one attention.

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