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Fantasy Forecast: Week 3


James Morris hails from Rio Rancho, NM and has been playing fantasy sports for well over a decade. Not only does he write the Bengals fantasy section, but he also does the Jacksonville Jaguars and Arizona Cardinals fantasy sections, as well as the Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers and Minnesota Timberwolves fantasy basketball sections in the NBA. Just send him an email and he will reply back the same day with your answer. brings free video highlights to Fantasy Football for the first time ever with Fantasy Football 2010. Video content is integrated throughout the game and gets you closer to the action to track your fantasy team from Week 1 to the playoffs. Features include player card videos that include highlights of your players, player news videos from and NFL Network, and live scoring with in-game video highlights.

Week 3 of the NFL season brought some fantasy owners to their knees with the news that Michael Vick would be the Eagles starting QB the rest of this season barring an injury. Kevin Kolb was going within the top 10 for QBs in most drafts and I had high hopes for him as well with all the weapons the Eagles have. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, Jason Campbell gets the axe just two games in and Reggie Bush breaks his leg and will miss about a month and a half. And then, the Chargers go out and fail to trade Vincent Jackson before the Thursday deadline and now he is out until Week 7. But, sometimes even more important than the draft is the waiver wire and you have to stay active if you want to win the title at the end.

Vincent Jackson: Just because I got burned on this one too, I have to say it now: cut V-Jax loose and let someone else worry about him. Even when he does come back, he is unhappy in San Diego and will take the whole rest of the season to get back into playing shape. His timing will be off; Philip Rivers and the other receivers will have a relationship by then; and, the coaching staff and players are bound to harbor some resentment with everything that has gone down thus far. Let someone else deal with the headache.

Matthew Stafford: He has been ruled out for Week 3, as I told one reader he would be the second it was suggested he could play this week.


Michael Vick: Traditionally, Vick isn't a good fantasy QB because he would run for 75 yards and pass for 200 while scoring anywhere from one to three touchdowns. But, now that he has been named the starter with the Eagles and has shown his maturity as a QB during his absence from football, I've got to give him a play against the Jaguars 29th-ranked pass defense.

Donovan McNabb: As I said in my Week 1 article, I am not a McNabb fan. But, after playing the awful Texans secondary in Week 2, he gets another bye this week with the Rams defense. The Rams allow 248.5 passing yards a game and I think McNabb can go for 300-plus with a few touchdowns again this week.

Darren McFadden: I'm sorry Cardinals fans, but Arizona does rank 31st against the run and McFadden seems to think he is Thurman Thomas and not Darren "draft bust" McFadden. Until he remembers his true identity, he is a high-end RB2 in most formats and should be played accordingly.

Maurice Jones-Drew: I hate that I even have to tell you to start MJD, but fantasy owners are starting to panic. Sure, he hasn't scored yet, but he is a stud RB waiting to break out and the Eagles give up 123.5 YPG on the ground and are tied for first in TDs allowed on the ground (3). This is his week to break out!

Mark Clayton: Clayton made a splash in Week 1 with his 10 receptions for 119 yards, but floundered in Week 2 with just two catches for 24 yards. However, he did manage to find the endzone on both receptions last week and the Redskins are 31st in the league at defending the pass. I've got to give Clayton a solid WR2 status start this week.

Dez Bryant: Bryant is going to benefit from Romo's good week and this could be his first 100-yard game. As I mentioned before, the Texans are horrible at defending the pass and I think they will be too focused on stopping Miles Austin and Jason Witten and that will leave Bryant open for a breakout game.

Vernon Davis: The Niners have been one of the biggest disappointments to fantasy owners so far this season. But, Davis ranks second among TEs with 19 targets and third in receiving yards with 151. The fact that he hasn't scored yet isn't huge, but the Chiefs have given up three passing TDs so far this season and are ranked 25th against the pass.

New England Patriots Defense: The Patriots defense is a far cry from what it was a few years ago. But, this week they play the Bills, who have a way of making average defenses look like Pro Bowl defenses. The Bills are dead last in the NFL for total offensive YPG at 176, so good things are in store for the Patriots defense this weekend.


Vince Young: Young is going to normally be a QB2 anyway, but it is fairly obvious that Coach Jeff Fisher isn't a Young fan and is looking for a reason to yank the kid. He was pulled at the start of the fourth quarter last week and is going to be on a very short leash this week. If Young is starting for you in a two QB league or Kolb went down and you missed the Vick lottery, find someone else this week.

Eli Manning: I've never been a fan of Eli Manning, but last week proved why I don't want him on my fantasy team either. He managed to save his fantasy night with a garbage-time touchdown, but was still 13-of-24 on the night for just 161 yards. This week he faces a Titans defense that has allowed a ridiculous 85.5 YPG in the air.

Brandon Jackson: Last week's hot waiver wire pickup took a hit to his fantasy value when Head Coach Mike McCarthy and offensive coordinator Joe Philbin indicated that Jackson would not be an every down back moving forward. That notwithstanding, the Packers play the Bears this week and they have allowed a measly 28 YPG on the ground this season. Too many factors working against Jackson here and I would look to trade him if at all possible.

Ryan Mathews: I had high hopes for this rookie as he looked like the second coming of LaDainian Tomlinson in the offseason. But, to date, the rookie ranks 32nd in standard scoring formats for RBs and it isn't likely to get much better against the Seahawks this weekend. I expect low-end RB2 numbers from him at best.

Kevin Walter: People went crazy this week with their Kevin Walter emails, asking if they should start him or trade for him. Look, the guy had two catches and two targets the first week, then 11 catches on 11 targets the second week; it would take an NFL record-setting effort for him to catch 100 percent of the balls thrown his way.

Brandon Pettigrew: You would not believe the amount of people I have emailing me about Pettigrew after his 108 yards receiving in Week 2. The Vikings rank sixth in the NFL at stopping the pass, and the last time I looked Shaun Hill was not a reliable NFL QB.

Denver Broncos Defense: Champ Bailey is hurting with ankle/heel problems and Andre Goodman is dealing with a pulled muscle that could take some time to fully heal. Couple that with the fact that the Broncos face the Colts and Peyton Manning this week and you have a recipe for disaster. Why the Broncos are owned in 13 percent of Yahoo leagues is beyond me anyway.


Q: I have the opportunity to trade Brandon Jackson and Jacoby Jones for Brandon Marshall. What do you think?
--Rob Druckenbroad Springfield, Ohio

A: Talk about your sell high opportunities! I say make the trade and lay low so nobody vetoes it. Brandon Jackson is not going to be a workhorse back and his value lies more in name than stats; Jones is just one of many targets Matt Schaub has at his disposal and his numbers will fluctuate more than the stock market.

If you can find someone to take them for Marshall, I say pull the trigger right now.

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