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Fantasy Forecast: Fantasy Draft


With the opening of NFL training camps comes the reason why some of us wake up in the morning, FANTASY FOOTBALL! That's right, the leagues are open, spots are being filled, and teams are already being drafted around the world. Here at we hope to help turn you from a middle of the road fantasy player, to a playoff contender with a real shot at winning the league title!

I know many of you already have a plan going into your draft and I have talked to many of you before about draft strategy. But, as with everything in life, things evolve and become harder as more people get involved. What started out as a simple 1 point per 10 rushing yards scoring system, has now evolved into fraction scoring, bonus points for hitting certain milestones, points-per-reception, negative points, and so on. Fantasy football is an ever-changing game that cannot be looked upon as a set it and forget it endeavor. In the Army we learned to adapt and overcome, and you too must learn to adapt to the new players, new rules, and new league formats or become dinosaurs that are only talked about in history books.

As Yoda once said "Always pass on what you have learned." My job is to pass on the knowledge I have gained in 20-plus years of playing fantasy sports, and use the knowledge that God gave me to help you come out on top when the fantasy playoffs are finished. So, without further ado, let's get to the positional rankings that will clear up the muddy water that is fantasy football.


Andrew Luck – Colts: When it comes to the #1 QB in fantasy football, you cannot deny the unhuman consistency since 2008 from Aaron Rodgers. But, you also cannot deny the Colts love for the passing game and Luck's big-game ability. You would do just fine with either Luck or Rodgers, but Luck has the slight advantage when you factor in the 300-plus yard bonuses he is likely to get throughout the season.

Aaron Rodgers – Packers: As I eluded to earlier, Rodgers has been the model of consistency since taking over as the Packers starting QB. If you take out the 2013 season where he only played nine games, Rodgers has averaged 4,285.5 yards, 34.7 touchdowns, and just 8.3 interceptions per season. The only thing really holding him back from my #1 ranking is the 6 300-plus yard games he averages per season, while Luck had 10 last year.

Russell Wilson – Seahawks: Wilson was able to 3,475 passing yards and 20 touchdowns last season with Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse as his starting WRs. This year he will have fantasy stud Jimmy Graham to play pitch-n-catch with inside the redzone. I still have serious concerns with his WR corps, but he has proven he can get it done with them and the addition of Graham makes him a candidate for 3,750-plus yards and 25-plus TDs this year.

Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers: Sleeper alert! Big Ben is frowned upon in fantasy circles and often considered a QB2 more so than a true fantast starter. Le'Veon Bell will miss weeks 1 & 2, but Roethlisberger will still have Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant to throw to in his absence. Last year he posted his first 600-plus passing attempt season and there will be even more need of the pass in the first few weeks with Bell out. There is monster upside from the Steelers offense in fantasy terms this year, and I will be targeting Big Ben as my QB1 this year in the middle rounds.

Matt Ryan – Falcons: This is where risk meets reward in fantasy terms. Matty Ice is one of those fantasy QBs who is always on the cusp of stardom, but seems to fall just short. This year though he has a new OC in Kyle Shanahan, and if Shanahan can balance out the Falcons offense and play to its strengths, I think Ryan could take a step forward in fantasy terms this season. There are concerns at RB, but Shanahan could be just what the doctor ordered to get Ryan over the hump.

Peyton Manning – Broncos: Manning is no longer a must-draft fantasy QB, as he showed his age in the second half of last season. Add to that the Broncos coaching staff saying the running game will be his best friend this season, and you can see why he dropped to 5th in my rankings. I could see Peyton still going for around 35 touchdowns this year, but I think they come on his side of the field. Meaning, I doubt he improves on his seven 300-plus yard games from last year, and he is pretty much a lock to not see 600-plus passing attempts this season. The light at the end of Manning's career is getting brighter and brighter.

Eli Manning – Giants: I'm not the biggest Eli Manning supporter in the world, but I can't deny the weapons he has surrounding him in Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz at WR, and Shane Vereen coming out of the backfield. Larry Donnell and Rueben Randle are solid enough to take the heat off of Beckham and Cruz and rookie OT Ereck Flowers will give Eli a little more confidence in his O-Line. Eli isn't as big of a sleeper as Roethlisberger is, but he should give his owners a great ROI (Return On Investment) this season.

Cam Newton – Panthers: Newton was hindered with injuries all last season, which made him a major disappointment in fantasy terms. His saving grace was Kelvin Benjamin, who will enter 2015 with rookie Devin Funchess opposite him at WR. While they aren't speed demons by any means, Benjamin is 6'5"/245 pounds and Funchess is 6'4"/225 pounds. Add in 6'5"/245 TE Greg Olsen and you have the makings of a redzone dream. If Newton can stay healthy, he will be a nice bounce-back candidate and provide great value if he falls to the later middle rounds with last season still on owners minds.

Tom Brady – Patriots: There is still great debate on whether Brady will be under center in Week 1, or if he will in fact miss the first four games of the season. I personally think he will end up being on the field in Week 1, but regardless when he hits the field, he will be a low-end QB1 this season. The Patriots lost both Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen, which will hurt more than it helps as defenses can focus more on the pass than the run. A healthy Rob Gronkowski is a huge bonus, but Brady's days of fantasy stud are over.

Tony Romo – Cowboys: The Cowboys have arguably the best O-Line in the NFL, and Dez Bryant got the money he was searching for this off-season. The reason Romo is so low in the rankings though is the almost scary situation the Cowboys have at running back with the tandem of Darren McFadden, Joseph Randle, and Lance Dunbar trying to replace DeMarco Murray. Romo can go one of two ways this year: The running game flops and he throws more, increasing his fantasy stats. Or, the running game flops and he has a drop in production because defenses drop back and defend the pass over the run. Romo is a bit of a risk in my opinion.

*[Andy Daltoninternal-link-placeholder-0]– Bengals:Despite all the stats Dalton puts up every season, he is still treated as a waiver wire QB when his name comes up on those big-box websites. Dalton has one of the best WRs in the league in A.J. Green, a pretty good WR2 in Marvin Jones when he is healthy, a pass-catching TE in Tyler Eifert, and a thunder and lightning duo in Jeremy Hill and [Giovani Bernardinternal-link-placeholder-0]. With all those weapons at his disposal, and an OC who knows how to balance the offense in Hue Jackson, Dalton is a sneaky streaming option at QB given the right matchup. Don't sleep on him too much or you will be sorry.

Honorable Mentions: Ryan Tannehill, Matthew Stafford, Philip Rivers,andSam Bradford

* *


DeMarco Murray – Eagles: Murray was a fantasy beast last season behind the Cowboys dominant O-Line. Murray left Dallas and signed with hated division rival Philadelphia. The Eagles have a good offensive line, but not as good as the Cowboys line. Murray racked up a ridiculous 450 touches last season, which is a big red flag heading into this season in terms of wear and tear. Don't expect the 12 100-plus yard games he had last season, but if he stays healthy, Murray is a good bet to be a top-tier RB1 again this season.

Eddie Lacy – Packers: Much like Rodgers at QB, Lacy is one of the more consistent RBs on the board. In his first two season in the NFL, Lacy managed 1,178 and 1,139 rushing yards, 11 and 9 for touchdowns, and 35 and 42 for receptions. The Packers are a model for reliability and I have no problems putting Lacy #2 on my draft board for RBs.

Le'Veon Bell – Steelers: Were it not for his two game suspension, a case could be made for Bell to be in the #2 spot in standard formats, and #1 overall in PPR formats. I really do think the Steelers offense is going to surprise some people this season, and Bell will end up being a great value pick if he slides due to his suspension. He has more PPR value than standard value, but still a top 3-5 RB in standard formats regardless.

Marshawn Lynch – Seahawks: I don't know why people keep disbelieving in Lynch even though he proves season after season that BEASTMODE is more than a nickname, it is a way of life for him! The addition of Graham at TE only helps Lynch as defenses have to respect the pass more this year than last year. I see no reason other than injury for Lynch to not finish as a top-5 fantasy RB this season.

C.J. Anderson – Broncos: The Broncos try and preserve what little life Peyton Manning has left by leaning heavily on the running game. That means Anderson will see closer to 300 touches with double-digit touchdowns this season. The question isn't how much the Broncos will feed Anderson the ball; rather, how much can he eat while at the running back buffet table. Anderson is a legitimate RB1 in all formats.

Jamaal Charles – Chiefs: What hurts Charles' value is his lack of use by the Chiefs. Last year he averaged a meager 16.4 touches per-game, and this season the coaching staff has already said they want to keep him fresh for the second half of the season. What that means is more than likely touches in the 16 range each week. If he could just see 20-plus touches, he'd be a top-5 fantasy RB. But, with his somewhat limited workload, he is a RB1 more in the 2nd/3rd tier.

Adrian Peterson – Vikings: There is no question when it comes to the chip that is certainly on Peterson's shoulder. No, the question in my mind comes in the form of a 30-year-old body and one year removed from playing in the NFL. Peterson himself said he didn't feel as explosive as he thought he would at Vikings minicamp. I would expect numbers in the 1,200 yards and 10-12 total TDs from AD this season.

Jeremy Hill– Bengals: Hill was nothing short of a beast last season after he broke out of his cage and ravaged fantasy football in Week 9. OC Hue Jackson employs a run-heavy offense, and Hill is a complete RB that can make the offense run like a well-oiled machine. With that said, his touches are likely to go down from the 24.7 per-game he saw last year with Giovani Bernard healthy. Hill is a RB1 who could very easily finish a spot or two above where he is ranked right now.

Matt Forte – Bears: Forte recorded 102 receptions last season, which was the 4th most in the entire NFL last season, including WRs! So why is he ranked so low this season? Well, Marc Trestman is now the Ravens OC and that means those receptions are going to take a major hit under a new HC (John Fox) and OC (Adam Gase). Forte's value is more uncertain than locked and loaded. 

LeSean McCoy – Bills: I'll be honest and say I struggled with the #10 ranking this season. Not because there was just someone who was going to be left out. Rather, I think once you get past Hill, and even Forte really, the drop-off is steep. Shady was a major disappointment in TDs last season, scoring just 5 for the highly touted Eagles offense. Owners drafting McCoy are banking on a bounce-back season under OC Greg Roman, who is a run-scheming mastermind. His PPR value takes a big hit though as Roman is notorious for leaving RBs out of the passing game.

Honorable Mentions: Mark Ingram, Melvin Gordon, and Justin Forsett

* *


Dez Bryant – Cowboys: Bryant is the NFL's #1 WR in my opinion, and the Cowboys were smart enough to not test his statement of holding out if he didn't get an extension. With [DeMarco] Murray moving on to the Eagles, and the Cowboys backfield a hodgepodge of change-of-pace backs and busts, Bryant is likely to see all the targets he can handle in 2015. His ADP (Average Draft Position) is in the latter half of the first round, so be prepared to make him your team's anchor if you want him.

Antonio Brown – Steelers: I've already told you I think the Steelers offense is going to open some eyes this year, and Brown is a big reason why. Last year Brown finished with WR1 numbers 10 times, which is more than anyone can expect in fantasy football. There is a case that can be made for taking Brown over Bryant too, since there is just as much of a chance of Bryant struggling with no real threat at RB, as there is with Romo-to-Bryant being a play we hear over and over again. Brown is as safe of a bet as they come, and I would be as happy as a tornado in a trailer park if I had him as my WR1.

Demaryius Thomas – Broncos: Last season Thomas was the most targeted WR in the NFL with 11.1 targets per-game. This year he has a new HC in Gary Kubiak, which can be a bad thing for players adjusting to a new system. But, Thomas is in luck because Julius Thomas has moved on to Jacksonville, and Kubiak is well known for making his "X" receiver a fantasy beast. There is a however some small point of concern with how much Manning will throw this year exactly, so be aware and beware. I do however believe whatever throws are made, Thomas is on the receiving end of a majority of them.

Odell Beckham – Giants: There is little doubt that Beckham is a stud both in fantasy, and in reality. Where his danger lies though is people over-drafting him based on last year's success. The reality is he would have to set many NFL records to pick up where he left off last year. You have to remember that he didn't do much until Week 9, when most teams are banged up in the secondary. I'm not taking anything away from him because he did it from Week 9 until the end of the NFL season consistently. But, you can rest assured teams have studied him ad nauseam and will do their best to limit his damage this year. With all that said, Beckham's talent is undeniable and he is a top-5 fantasy WR heading into the draft.

Julio Jones – Falcons: As I stated with Ryan earlier, new OC Kyle Shanahan is a blessing for an offense that has been underwhelming the past few seasons despite lofty expectations. Roddy White is nearing the end of his career and the Falcons look like they will put in rookie WR Justin Hardy as the slot receiver. That means the only trustworthy WR out there for Ryan to feed is Jones, and Jones has proven to have the skills to absorb the added workload. There is some concern with Ryan and Jones given their supporting cast, but if these two can just mind-meld and get on the same page, they could make it work in spectacular fashion.

A.J. Green– Bengals: When it comes to Andy Dalton looking for a WR to throw to, Green lights up like a Christmas tree on Dalton's radar. If he can stay healthy, Green has the potential to post close to 100 receptions, 1,400 yards, and 10 touchdowns this season. The return of Tyler Eifert and Marvin Jones will only help Green as they will keep defenses from double teaming him. Green is in line for a contract extension, so he has every reason to make 2015 one of his best so far.

Calvin Johnson – Lions: It's hard to imagine Megatron being ranked 7th on a fantasy draft sheet, but that is where he is as he enters his age-30 season. Stafford just isn't the fantasy stud we always hoped he would be, and Johnson looks like he has lost a step if you really watch film on him. The upside to Johnson is he should enter this season at 100 percent, and rookie RB Ameer Abdullah will make defense pay attention to the run more than Reggie Bush did last season.

Jordy Nelson – Packers: The Packers consistency is something out of a how-to manual, and Nelson is the go-to WR in Green Bay. He finished as a WR1 11 times last season, which is no laughing matter given the feast or famine nature of fantasy WRs. What hurts Nelson's value is Randall Cobb being kind of a 1B option in the passing game to Nelson's 1A. Nelson is a safe pick at the top of round 2.

T.Y. Hilton – Colts: If Luck is going to be the fantasy beast we all know he is going to be, then there stands a reason that Hilton should be on your radar at the end of round 2/top of round 3. That's right, round 3. There is a gap when it comes to Nelson and Hilton and there is a time when leagues go on runs for QBs or RBs in round 2. Hilton has Andre Johnson in Indianapolis now to syphon off targets, which is a ding to his value. Nevertheless, Hilton is a top-10 fantasy WR and should be drafted accordingly.

Alshon Jeffery – Bears: With Brandon Marshall in New York, Jeffery becomes the focal point of the Bears passing attack. Jeffery has more PPR value than standard value, finishing as a WR1 or WR2 10 times last season in PPR formats. I kind of view him more as a low-end WR1 than a true stud WR1, so I would make sure you go back-to-back with WRs if you take Jeffery as your #1 WR.

*Marvin Jones– Bengals: Jones is the favorite to start opposite Green at WR, but fantasy owners need to stay dialed in to his health status before drafting. Jones is a sharp route runner, making him a better PPR play than standard play. I could see him finishing the season with a 55/700/5 line if he stays on the field all season long.

Honorable Mentions: Mike Evans, Randall Cobb, and DeAndre Hopkins

* *


Rob Gronkowski – Patriots: Gronk is hands down the #1 TE in fantasy football with Graham in Seattle. He enters this season healthy and ready to build upon his 50 touchdowns in his last 55 games. There just isn't much more that you can say about Gronk other than be prepared to take him in round 1 if you want him.

Jimmy Graham – Seahawks: Graham isn't going to battle Gronkowski for the top TE spot in fantasy leagues anymore, but he is going to a team that desperately needs pass catchers in and around the redzone. While his targets are going to take a dive from New Orleans to Seattle, he just might be able to hit double-digit touchdowns once again given the Seahawks receiving concerns. The redzone is going to be his fantasy bread and butter.

Travis Kelce – Chiefs: The gap between Kelce and Graham is smaller than you think. Graham has the edge because of his touchdown potential. But, if the Chiefs just use Kelce a few more times each game, these two could easily swap rankings by season's end. Jeremy Maclin should allow Kelce to work in the middle of the field more, which means 1,000 yards is an attainable goal for the young TE.

Greg Olsen – Panthers: And this is where the edge of the TE cliff starts. Olsen is not a bad TE to own by any means, but his value is tied directly to a QB with question marks of his own. Olsen is the kind of guy you can plug in for 70 or so receptions, 800-ish yards, and 6 touchdowns and feel pretty safe he will reach it. If you see Olsen go off the board and you still don't own a TE, you better start pressing the panic button as fast and as hard as you can!

Martellus Bennett – Bears: Bennett had a career year in 2014, posting 90 receptions, 916 yards, and 6 touchdowns for the Bears. Gase was brilliant with his redzone use of Thomas in Denver, and Bennett has to be hoping that he can vacuum up the targets that Marshall's absence creates. If Gase can do for Bennett what he did for Thomas, he could vault himself ahead of Olsen for the #4 spot at TE this season.

Julius Thomas – Jaguars: Thomas comes in as a bigtime free-agent signing for the Jaguars, and many people covering the team have already said he is clearly the best player on the field in minicamp. While he will almost certainly see a drop in touchdowns from Denver to Jacksonville, he is still worthy of a TE1 ranking every week. You can be sure Blake Bortles will pepper him with enough targets to make him worth a mid-round selection.

Zach Ertz – Eagles: There is a lot of talk about Ertz being a breakout candidate in year three of his NFL career. The problem I see with it is the Eagles have not shown a willingness to truly give Ertz a chance to break out. The positive thing for Ertz and his owners is that TE is an extremely thin spot, so even a guy who is clearly underutilized like Ertz can still be a TE1 most weeks. With that said, if you see Ertz go off the board and you still need a TE, you better get right with Jesus because the end is near!

Jordan Cameron – Dolphins: If Thomas is a true talent with risk, and Ertz is a boom-or-bust type of TE, then Cameron is a real injury risk with upside. Ryan Tannehill has shown progression each year, and Cameron projects as his #2 or #3 option as of right now. The problem is that in his four years in the NFL, he's never played a full season and averages just 11.75 games each year. If he stays on the field (and that's a big IF), he has the potential to be a top-5 TE here and there. But, if history repeats itself yet again, he will be a week-to-week question mark just to suit up.

Jason Witten – Cowboys: Witten is more name than game at the age of 33, but that also doesn't mean there isn't value to be found in him. I am betting on the Cowboys throwing much more than they did last season given their RB corps, and that translates into Witten bouncing back from his worst season since his rookie year. His age is a concern, but his lack of production last year will drop him into the later rounds, making him a possible value pick.

Josh Hill – Saints: If you've waited this long to draft a TE, you are pushing all-in on black 89 at the roulette wheel. Hill is locked in as the Saints TE with Graham in Seattle, and the Saints showed elite TE production the past several years. The problem for Hill is the limited sample size we have to evaluate him. Hill is one of those players who could truly be an amazing value in round 10, or he could be waiver wire fodder if he doesn't fill the void left by Graham. It's all about risk vs. reward with Hill.

*Tyler Eifert– Bengals: Eifert will can be had at the end of the draft due to a dislocated elbow that cost him all but eight snaps of the 2014 season. He looks to be back at 100 percent health heading into this season and has a real shot at providing mid – low end TE1 value in the Bengals offense. He is someone to target as a TE2 with TE1 upside.

Honorable Mentions: Delaine Walker, Larry Donnell, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins.


Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks are in a class of their own in terms of defenses go, but if Cam Chancellor's holdout continues into the season, they do take a small overall ding. I think the chances of that happening are slim, so I'm not overly worried. The problem I have with fantasy defenses is they are often drafted WAY too early (a lot of leagues start taking them in round 6 or 7). I have become a big believer in streaming defenses and just waiting until the second to last round to take my defense, and then taking a kicker in the final round. No defense is a lock-and-load weekly starter given the NFL schedule, so why waste a 6th or 7th round pick on a defense when you can get your flex or back-up RB/WR/QB? The Seahawks are the best fantasy defense, but not one that I will ever own because I won't spend the pick it will take to get them.

New York Jets: When you look at the Defensive Lineman for those who play in IDP (Individual Defensive Players), the Jets have three viable candidates for rosters, Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Leonard Williams. Move over to Linebackers and they have Demario Davis. And finally in the Defensive Backs they have Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and if you stretch it, Calvin Pryor. It is simply impossible to have that many guys worth owning in IDP leagues and not be a top three fantasy defense.

Houston Texans: J.J. Watt is possibly the best defensive player in the NFL, which makes the Texans defense one of the best in the NFL. The addition of Vince Wilfork fills a huge void at NT, but there are many questions about how effective Jadeveon Clowney will be following microfracture surgery. There is concern about the Texans offense keeping their defense on the field too much following Arian Foster's injury. If Foster were on the field, I'd have the Texans above the Jets.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens are known for their defenses, so it is no shock to see them atop the list year in and year out. The Ravens are a little different than a team like the Jets or Seahawks in that they are more of a well-coached and balanced defense. C.J. Mosely is the only real IDP player they have, with Daryl Smith being a stretch, and Terrell Suggs only being an option if you need sacks. Guys like Jimmy Smith and Lardarius Webb have more NFL value than fantasy value, meaning they are shutdown corners who aren't worth looking at in IDP leagues with a DB spot.

New England Patriots: The Patriots D-Line is anchored by fantasy stud Chandler Jones who racks up tackles and sacks with the best of them. Right beside him is Rob Ninkovich, who averages around 69 tackles and 8 sacks every season. Behind him they have LBs Jaime Collins and Jerod Mayo who seem to have heatsinking capability when it comes to tackles. I do get a little concerned when I get to their secondary, but I think coaching and the help up front will be enough to make the Patriots a top 5-7 fantasy defense once again.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills will be without Marcell Darius for the first game of the 2015 season, but they will have Kyle Williams on the D-Line to help plug the hole he leaves. Nigel Bradham, Aaron Williams, and Duke Williams will combine with Mario Williams to create a fantasy defense that should give owners plenty of sacks and INTs, while also not allowing too many points. DC Mike Pettine has moved on, which will worry some. Nevertheless, this defense is well constructed and worth playing most weeks this year.

St. Louis Rams: As queasy as I get when I look at the Rams offensive depth chart, I can't ignore their defense any longer. Robert Quinn is easily a top 3 pick for defensive players, Aaron Donald and Alec Odletree are worth owning in most formats, T.J. McDonald is a solid DB in IDP leagues, and James Laurenaitis can provide decent IDP numbers, but is dipping towards the tail end of the worth owning guys. I could see them having one of the highest sack totals in the NFL this year, but the points allowed will be what keeps them down in the overall defensive rankings.  

Denver Broncos: Von Miller is the anchor for this defense, racking up sacks for his IDP owners. They also have DeMarcus Ware and Brandon Marshall to help stop most runners who get passed the line. In the secondary the Broncos feature T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib, and Bradley Roby. The Broncos will no longer have the pass-heavy offense they did in the past, so the defense will have more time to rest between possessions this year. They could challenge the Rams for the highest sack total this year, but like the Rams, points allowed will be what hurts them throughout the fantasy season.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles have IDP starter Fletcher Cox on the D-Line, which will provide fantasy owners with solid tackles and sacks if he is healthy. Add in Bennie Logan and Vinny Curry to the line and you have a "better than most" D-Line. Mychal Williams and Kiko Alonzo make up a LB corps that are fantasy IDP worthy, and Malcolm Jenkins is decent enough in the secondary to keep the Eagles in the game. The Eagles will get their share of sacks, but INTs and points allowed is what makes them more of a streamer defense, than a true plug-n-play defense. 

Minnesota Vikings: DE Everson Griffin and FS Harrison Smith are the two names fantasy owners need to know when it comes to the Vikings IDP values. Griffin is a legit top-10 D-Lineman who should finish with double-digit sacks, and Smith is a top-5 DB who will get close to 80-plus tackles and chip in 4-5 INTs. The Vikings have Eric Kendricks, Anthony Barr, and Chad Greenway as their starting LBs, which is solid, but not spectacular. Overall the Vikings have a defense that is worth streaming given the right match-up, but they will allow points and not give back enough sacks and INTs to make up for it. Realistically, once you get past say the Bills defense, what you have left are streamers anyway.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals offer some sleeper value with the return of Michael Johnson to the D-Line. They will look for Margus Hunt to continue his upward progression and become a factor in the pass-rush this year. If Geno Atkins is healthy, Johnson is ready to prove the skeptics wrong after his season in Tampa Bay, and there are no season-altering injuries to the Bengal front seven (DL and LB), the Bengals can be used as a streamer defense throughout the season.

There you have it WhoDey nation, the fantasy top-10 positional rankings for 2015. Obviously this only helps so much since drafts are typically 15-16 rounds long. Knowing that, feel free to contact me via **Facebook**, **Twitter**, or **E-Mail** with your specific questions and I will get you headed in the right direction all season long. Good luck, and remember that 2nd place is just the first loser!

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