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Elizabeth Blackburn: They've Got To Play Us, In Our House


Welcome to December. 

Winter is here. While temperatures begin to cool, our season is heating up.

You surely saw the intensity and the hunger our team showed during Sunday's game against the Titans. We had energy jumping off the tape and connectivity and confidence oozing out of our locker room.

After the game, we all got to enjoy several memorable soundbites, but I want one message in particular to sink in with all Bengals fans:

"they gotta play us!"

This is the mentality of a Bengal. Our team embodies it. And it should resonate with fans as we continue to prove that we should be in the conversation for the best of the best, both on & off the field.

The numbers support this. Our team ranks in the NFL's top-5 in scoring offense, while our defense surrenders the 5th fewest successful plays in the league, per PFF. We are one of the few teams in the NFL that boasts top units on both sides of the ball.

This success extends off the field, where we are top-5 in the NFL in satisfaction & sensed value by our Season Ticket Members. Thanks to our great fans, Paycor Stadium has been energetic, lively and intimidating to opponents – feeling and sounding like a worthy palace for the reigning AFC Champs. Yet somehow, we have played just half of our regular season home games.

This Sunday, we return. Our patience has paid off, and we get to close with 4 of our remaining 6 games in the Jungle. In our house. Shake off any rust from the couch or bar and start warming up those vocal cords. We are fortunate to be staring at a schedule loaded with significant games right in front of us. We are even luckier to have the opportunity for our fans to fight side by side with us down this stretch. Just like our football team, the fans have been firing on all cylinders by bringing the energy from player intros until the clock hits 00:00. Now is the time to amp it up.

They gotta play US. In OUR house.

4:25 p.m. Get in by 4. Bring the noise!

Winter is HERE. Brrr…