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Dalton, Lewis News Conference Transcripts - 10/17




The last year in the preseason you played Kansas City. What were your observations of QB Patrick Mahomes from that night?

"I saw his arm talent and what he can do. He's obviously been showing it all year. He's playing really well and at a really high level. That's the biggest thing everybody knew about him when he was coming out. I watched him when he was at (Texas) Tech, just being a Big 12 (fan) with TCU. He's playing really well."

When you're going up against a prolific offense like Kansas City, is it hard to only worry about your offense and not think about making a big play or having to keep up with them?

"For us, we just have to run our offense. We have to know each possession matters because of how high-powered the offense is over there and how quickly they can score. We have to play our game and take advantage of every possession that we have."

The numbers show the Chiefs are struggling defensively. What does the tape show you?

"They've had tight coverage on things. The offensive guys (going against them) have made plays. That's what it's come down to. But, they're right there. For us, it's making the play in the tight window and making the contested catch. That's the battle we're going to have this week."

Have you ever seen something like when Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton double-covered three different guys on a play in the red-zone against the Patriots on Sunday night?

"A part of their defense is match drops. That's just kind of how they play. I'm sure they weren't thinking Brady was going to run it. But he made a great play getting in the end-zone."

Do you like playing in prime time games? Is there a little more juice for you?

"For sure. You're on the national stage and everybody is watching. I think it's fun, from the standpoint that you're getting the exposure. I enjoy it."

Are you impressed by how well Mahomes is performing on the mental side of the game and commanding the offense?

"He's playing really well. It's not just the stuff they have drawn up. It's him getting out of the pocket. You see a lot of the production with him moving around and getting outside the pocket. That's where his arm talent really comes in, because he can make off-balance throws, change his arm angle and do different things. That's where they've hit some big plays."

What is the mindset for the offense when going up against an opposing high-powered offense like Kansas City?

"We just have to play our game. There are different times of the game where you have to think about clock management and that kind of stuff. We just have to play our game."

How important is being balanced as an offense against these guys?

"It's big. Any time your offense is balanced, it's a good thing. That will be important this week."


Head coach

Initial comments …

"The Chiefs, as we know, are very explosive offensively. The quarterback (Patrick Mahomes) has done a fine job pushing the football not only down the field, but in intermediate routes. Their running game has been very strong, so they make you defend the entire field. We'll need to be very sound in making sure everyone is doing a great job communicating and getting to the right spots. When you look at their football team, they've been explosive on special teams with both (Tyreek) Hill and then last week with the long kickoff return (by Tremon Smith). They have two long returns already this season, one going for a touchdown on a punt return. We understand that we have to do a great job in the special teams phase. On defense, they've done a great job of applying pressure on the quarterback. They are explosive up front with their rushers, and their guys are going to work to play tight in coverage. We also have the challenge of playing on the road, so we'll need to have a great week of preparation and play a great football game."

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is playing like a guy who should've been the No. 1 overall pick in last year's draft. What has he shown in his game that were perhaps questions coming out of the draft that clearly now are no longer issues?

"I didn't do an in-depth study on him, but I know we felt very highly of him — obviously not as high as the Chiefs thought of him, since they moved up to pick him in the first round (of the draft). He's talented and has arm strength, stature and athleticism. He played in an offense (at Texas Tech) where he threw the football a lot, so that was easy to evaluate. We felt good about him coming out."

When a guy can throw it that far, does that change how you have to prepare defensively?

"He's a strong-armed player, and you have to understand that. He makes you defend the whole field, as I said in the opening."

You guys played Kansas City in the second preseason game last year, Mahomes' rookie season, so you got one of the first looks at him. What do you remember about him in that game?

"He came in, had a big scramble and led them on a touchdown drive in that second preseason game a year ago."

He creates so many plays out of the pocket. Is that where he's most dangerous?

"He's been very dangerous wherever he's been, whether it's inside or outside the pocket. It's important that we stay disciplined and stay true to our lanes."

You said that the Chiefs like to attack every part of the field and their running game plays a part in that ...

"It's very good. They use a lot of misdirection, looks, personnel and motions early in the football game. You have to withstand that first wave and understand it, along with the speed of the game as well."