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Concession Sales Help Fund Non-Profit Organizations


The concession stands at Paul Brown Stadium provide more than an eating option for Bengals fans.

What most people do not know is many of the workers who pour your beer or prepare your food during events at Paul Brown Stadium are representatives from local nonprofits.

The volunteers are recruited and trained by Aramark, the Bengals' concessionaire, to be among the 800 people who staff the concession stands on a typical game day.

"A lot of times groups are tired of doing the same fundraiser over and over again," said Katy Mark, Aramark's Director of Community Relations & Non-Profits. "They know they are coming in for a good day's hard work, but we help take the pressure off of them. We are constantly looking for help. We want to keep it right here in Cincinnati."

Aramark is actively seeking Non-Profit Organizations to operate concessions at Paul Brown Stadium for all home games and other major events. The non-profit organization earns a flat rate when working within a concession or a 10 percent commission, whichever is greater.

Last year Aramark helped raise $540,000 for 72 different non-profits. Mark said they work with primarily 501(c)(3) organizations. Those volunteers go through a training seminar about four hours in advance before the gates open to the public to help prepare for the demands of game day.

"If they can show up for all 10 games and have the amount of people they need for their stand, some are 10, some are 15, some are 25, they will learn how to do the process well," Mark said. "They will learn how to operate the stands to give the best customer service experience and in turn we will reward them with the profits they make."

Nonprofits are asked to provide volunteers, who must be at least 16, for about eight hours at each Bengals home game and other stadium events. Stands of all sizes are available, but usually range in groups of 10, 15 and 25.

Other than the financial benefit, working the concession stands can be a fun way to build camaraderie, improve communication and interpersonal skills.

Another caveat for non-profit groups is Aramark will work to best accommodate an individual's needs. Some groups have disabilities and can't be runners. Some volunteers are unable to serve alcohol and need to fulfill other duties. Aramark works with the groups to find a place best suited for each group's preference.

For additional information, please contact Mark at (513) 455-4914 or click here to learn more.