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Bengals New Stripes: Bold, Sleek, Iconic

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow

The Bengals unveiled their New Stripes, debuting a fresh, clean and modern uniform design with elements that unite the team's past and future.

"Our fans have wanted new uniforms for many years, and today represents the start of an exciting new era in Bengals history," said Bengals Director of Strategy and Engagement Elizabeth Blackburn. "Our new uniforms are bold, sleek and iconic. We designed them to be recognizable and timeless, like the Bengals helmet."

This marks the Bengals' first major uniform change in 17 years, and the fourth significant uniform redesign in team history. The new design is the result of a multi-year process in which the team worked closely with Nike. One element that remained unchanged was the Bengals' iconic striped helmet, which debuted 40 years ago.

"Utilizing the fan-favorite, flooded-white Nike Color Rush uniform as the base, our goal was to modernize the Bengals' uniform as a bold, aggressive and timeless design," according to Nike. "We observed real-life Bengal tigers in motion and redrew the uniform's stripes to mirror the tiger's movements while stalking its prey. The result is a faster on-field expression for one of the league's most distinctive uniforms."

The New Stripes collection includes white, black and orange jerseys with three styles of pants. The stripe pattern on the shoulders of the jerseys was simplified to create a bold design in addition to the removal of the color blocks.

The design features "Bengals" written across the chest, while the legacy of Paul Brown, the team's founder and first head coach and general manager, is honored with a subtle signature detail inside the back neck of the jersey.

The jersey numbers are classic with a twist, with inspiration drawn from the Bengals' uniforms of the 1980s. The team preserved the outline of the numbers, while adding a sharp angle to mimic the modern design of Paul Brown Stadium and the claw marks of a ferocious Bengal tiger. And in keeping with a sleek and simpler thematic, the stroke from the nameplate was removed.

Fans can purchase the new jerseys at the Bengals Pro Shop and online at

Believe it or not, the Bengals new uniforms were released a year ago. Look back at the New Strips launch.

Presented by Tide, check out the Bengals new uniforms from the team's photo shoot. This marks the Bengals' first major uniform change in 17 years, and the fourth significant uniform redesign in team history.


Joe Burrow: "These uniforms excite me. They're cool. I think the fans will like them and they'll be good for us. The guys that are here are the kind of people that are going to take this organization to where we want to go. We're the future. It's going to be a fun ride."

Jessie Bates III: "I love the new look. Hopefully these jerseys bring energy, not just to our fan base, but to the city overall. These new stripes come with new standards and new goals. We're looking forward to a lot of great things."

Joe Mixon: "We've got some great uniform combinations. They're fresh. Look good, feel good, play good. That's facts."

Tyler Boyd: "My mind was blown with how many different combinations we have. Seeing the new stripes, new Bengals, new everything, it gives me more excitement to play this year. The best part that you can't really see on the jerseys that I like is the Paul Brown signature. That's pretty cool."

Sam Hubbard: "We're really excited about this. It's going to bring a lot of energy to us and the fan base. Everyone is excited — fans and players — because we've got a great group of young guys. This symbolizes a fresh start where we can go out and accomplish what we want to accomplish."