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Bengals Fans, Thank You From Katie Blackburn

Bengals fans around the world,

Thank you.

2021 started with the tag line "Rule the Jungle" and evolved into "Rule It All". To bring this vision to life, it took extraordinary amounts of hard work, passion and belief by the players, coaches as well as by our staff and each and every one of you.

This year showed how many important elements are necessary to get us to the Super Bowl. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for getting us there.  

It officially started September 12 as our home opener crowd roared us to a win over the Vikings and the world witnessed a foreshadowing clutch kick by rookie Evan McPherson. The inaugural Ring of Honor ceremony willed our team to a second half comeback that set viewership records for Thursday Night football and was full of special moments. The energy continued as we swept the Steelers in front of a packed house on Thanksgiving weekend. The Christmas crowd against Baltimore helped place our squad in the driver's seat for the Division title. And the New Year's crowd against Kansas City ensured that we took home the AFC North crown.

As the playoffs began, over 65,000 loud, rollicking, and boisterous Cincinnatians celebrated in a most uplifting manner the victory against the Raiders. It seemed like half of those people showed up in Nashville to send us to the AFC title game. When we got to Kansas City, thousands of our fans helped our guys in stripes win the franchise's third Conference crown. And of course we are so thankful for all the unbelievable support shown in so many creative ways as we headed to Super Bowl LVI.

Thank you for showing your stripes.

Thank you for lighting up Cincinnati orange.

Thank you for the cheers, the tears, the memories and all of the amazing ways you've documented this journey. 

Thank you for fostering an engaging, inclusive, and overwhelmingly positive online community on Bengals social media channels.  

Thank you for setting attendance and noise level records that make the Jungle synonymous with a home field advantage in the NFL.

This season created a lifetime of memories for me and countless Bengals fans. Our fans across the country and the world got to see Cincinnati at its best. You all made this possible and, for that reason, I gratefully say "thank you".  

Remember the feeling and let it fuel us all to get back.

So savor this season and let's get ready to "Rule 2022".  

Katie Blackburn