Bengals Booth Podcast: London Calling

Broadcasters Dan Hoard and Dave Lapham preview the Bengals Week 8 matchup in London against the Los Angeles Rams. Among the topics discussed include analyzing what will happen at the trade deadline and how to improve the running game. Hoard also chats with punter Kevin Huber about his season and how kicking has changed over the years.

In this week's "Know the Foe" segment, Hoard and Lapham interview Rams beat writer Gary Klein from the Los Angeles Times.

Some of the podcast highlights include:

  • 2:10 – Podcast begins with Hoard and Lapham chatting about the adjustments they would try to revamp the running game.
  • 5:08 – Breakdown of what could happen around the NFL with the trade deadline.
  • 9:03 – A look back at the Bengals draft history in the early 2010s and how it has influenced this season.
  • 17:29 – Keys to victory for the Bengals to secure a win against the Rams.
  • 22:06 – Hoard interviews Huber and discusses his splendid performance against the Jaguars.
  • 24:26 – How punting has changed over the previous 11 years and what it takes to stay at the top of the profession.
  • 28:08 – The "Know the Foe" segment begins with Klein addressing the Rams' biggest issues this season.
  • 33:09 – Discussing the Rams' pass rush and how cornerback Jalen Ramsey compliments the defense.

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