A Look At How A.J. Green Ruled The Ravens Before Ruling The Jungle

A graphic stating that A.J. Green will be Ruler of the Jungle for the Bengals Home Opener against Baltimore

Remember after one of those countless games A.J. Green dominated his team and led the Bengals to another huge AFC North win when Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh uttered the memorable, "Maybe we'll cover him once before he retires."

Now that he's retired, Harbaugh's Ravens still have to deal with Green as "Ruler of The Jungle," for the Sept. 17 home opener in a 1 p.m. Paycor Stadium game. Green makes his return for the first time since he departed the Bengals after the 2020 season as their second all-time receiver behind only Chad Johnson with 9,430 yards.

Green had more yards against the Steelers than anybody else with 1,218 and the Browns aren't far behind with 1,143. But he had more touchdowns against Baltimore with nine in 13 games and a longer yards per catch with 16.7. 

And, it seems, more monster games. His single-game high came against the Ravens in a 2015 game in Baltimore with 227, the last seven coming with 2:10 left on a touchdown pass from Andy Dalton that gave them a come-from-behind 27-24 win. The year before in the 2014 opener in Baltimore with the Bengals trailing by one, Green caught a 77-yard touchdown pass from Dalton with 4:58 left for another come-from-behind win. 

Even when the Ravens won, Green still tortured Harbaugh. In a 2013 game in Baltimore, Dalton's 51-yard Hail Mary touchdown pass with no time left tied a game the Ravens won in overtime. 

Paycor wasn't off-limits, either. In the 2018 home opener, a Thursday night game against Baltimore, Green scored three touchdowns in the game's first 17 minutes during a 34-23 win the Bengals would like to replicate in this home opener.

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