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1968 AFL/NFL Draft - January 30-31

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Player Round Position College Selection
Bob Johnson 1 C Tennessee *2
(sent to Miami in trade on 12-26-67) 1 *27
Bill Staley 2a DE/T Utah State *28
(sent to Miami in trade on 12-26-67) 2 *54
Tom Smiley 2b RB Lamar *55
Gary Davis 3a QB Vanderbilt *56
Paul Robinson 3b RB Arizona *82
Dale Livingston 3c P/PK Western Michigan *83
Jess Phillips 4a DB Michigan State *84
Warren McVea 4b RB Houston *109
(sent to Denver in trade on 1-22-68) 4 *111
Dave Middendorf 5a G Washington State *112
(expansion pick acquired from Denver Broncos; then sent to Buffalo in trade on 1-30-68) 5 *114
Al Beauchamp 5b LB Southern University *138
Howard Fest 6a T Texas *139
Bill Kendricks (expansion pick acquired from Boston Patriots) 6b DT Alabama A&M *143
John Neidert (expansion pick acquired from Buffalo Bills 6c LB Louisville *145
Dewey Warren (expansion pick acquired from San Diego Chargers) 6d QB Tennessee *155
Essex Johnson (expansion pick acquired from N.Y. Jets) 6e RB Grambling *156
Elmo Maples (expansion pick acquired from Kansas City Chiefs) 6f WR Southern University *158
Sidney Ellis (expansion pick acquired from Houston Oilers) 6g DB Jackson State *160
Monk Williams (expansion pick acquired from Oakland Raiders) 6h RB Arkansas AM&N *163
Jim Johnson 6i DB South Carolina State *165
Steve Smith 7a TE Miami (Fla.) *166
Wes Bean 7b LB Grambling *192
Harry Gunner 8a LB Oregon State *193
Ed Brantley 8b T North Texas State *219
Phil Johnson 9a DB Long Beach State *220
Steve Hanrahan 9b DT Weber State *246
Wayne Patrick 10a RB Lousiville *247
James Russell 10b TE North Texas State *273
Wally Scott 11a CB Arizona *274
Jeff Banks 11b LB Pacific *300
Bob Trumpy 12a TE Utah *301
Harold Jones 12b T Grambling *327
James Bivins 13a LB Texas Southern *328
Ted Washington 13b RB San Diego State *354
Les Webster 14a RB Iowa State *355
Steve Lewicke 14b DE Texas-El Paso *381
Harvey Palmore 15a G Morgan State *382
Joe Mira 15b WR Miami (Fla.) *408
James Williams 16a DB Alcorn A&M *409
Brown Marks 16b LB Indiana *435
Don Manning 17a LB UCLA *436
James Smith 17b TE Jackson State *462

*NOTES: The expansion Bengals received the second and last choices in Round 1; the first and last choices in Rounds 2-17; one additional choice at the end of Rounds 2-4; and all AFL six-round selections except Miami's (Cincinnati received Denver's fifth-round pick in lieu of their sixth-rounder because the Broncos previously had sent their sixth-rounder to Miami in a 1967 trade; the Dolphins were exempt from having to surrender their sixth-round pick because they had their inaugural season themselves just two years earlier in 1966). Oakland had the No. 108 overall choice in Round 4 but passed twice, allowing Green Bay to move from No. 109 to 108 and Cincinnati to move from No. 110 to 109. The Bengals' No. 462 pick was the last selection of the 1968 AFL/NFL draft.