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Taylor's Quick Takes On New Staffers


Bengals head coach Zac Taylor spent Thursday like he did the rest of the week. Filling his coaching staff and he's far enough along that he was able to talk about four hires on offense:

Coordinator Brian Callahan, 34, a ten-year NFL offensive assistant who has coached quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning and Matthew Stafford: "He's had success everywhere he's been. The quarterbacks have usually played their best when he's been around. We have similar influences, but we've never directly worked for the same people. I think it was important to help this offense, I needed people who had experiences outside what I had."

Offensive line coach Jim Turner, 54, long-time college coach who worked with Taylor at Texas A&M and the Dolphins. Taylor brought him out of a two-year hiatus when he was the offensive coordinator at the University of Cincinnati in 2016 even though the Bearcats already had an O-line coach. Taylor wanted to make sure he was on staff in any capacity, but only had him for three days when Turner went back to A&M and that's where Taylor got him for this job: "He's a great person, great human, somebody I trust … Every coach, just not Jim, every coach we're going to have on this staff is the right stuff."

Tight ends coach James Casey, 34, a seven-year NFL tight end: After beginning his coaching career the past three seasons at the University of Houston, Casey gets his first NFL job after his dual role this past season for the Cougars as special teams coordinator/tight ends coach: "Everywhere he's played, he's been the coaches' favorite player … He was my one hidden guy … That's the one I was worried about getting out because I was (afraid) someone might steal him away."

Offensive line assistant Ben Martin, 35, worked with Taylor and Turner at A&M and Miami. A well-traveled Boston-area native, he's coached every offensive position but quarterbacks and wide receiver. Before coaching the Brown offensive line last season he was the Union College offensive coordinator for two years: "He's always been kind of three years ahead of where offenses are going. This RPO stuff everybody loves to talk about, he was hammering me about that 10 years ago and I was usually telling him to, 'Shut up, you're a line guy.' Everything he has predicted has come to fruition years down the road. Not only is he a great line coach, but he's a great mind that will help push the coaching staff to a new level."

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