Can't compare

I hate to continue to hear about Me. O. But since he shares the same agent as Chad Johnson; what do you feel are the chances that we are going through the same mess that the Eagles are going through?

It seems to me that Drew Rosenhaus' greed is contagious. I do feel that character wise Johnson is superior to Owens but I still have some concern that he may want to take the same route. I would hope that the viruses that Corey Dillon and Carl Pickens were in the locker room would not return. What are your thoughts about this?

Josh, Cincinnati JOSH:
Putting Chad in the same breath with Dillon, Pickens, and T.O. is a little like putting Warren Harding on Mount Rushmore. No comparison.

Johnson, the anti-T.O., would never infect a locker room like Pickens meant to do and like Dillon couldn't help but do. Dillon didn't mean it, but the perpetual losing and then his injury just engulfed him emotionally.

I'll defend Dillon on a lot of things, particularly the way he hated the culture of losing here. But it stops with three things: Deserting head coach Marvin Lewis without giving him a chance, throwing his uniform in the stands after a loss that knocked them out of the playoffs, and dumping on Willie Anderson publicly just to get out.

I just don't see Chad doing any of that. Johnson looks to have more control and is naturally more upbeat, and he proved his commitment to the team earlier this spring when he met the T.O. comparisons head on. He said he was just here to play football and nipped all talk about a possible holdout nice and early.

Plus, he's surrounded by strong personalities and players Pickens and Dillon didn't have and guys that Johnson respects: Head coach Marvin Lewis, offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski, receivers coach Hue Jackson, quarterbacks Carson Palmer and Jon Kitna, cornerback Tory James, the list goes on.

But he also dropped more hints than a gossip columnist. It certainly sounds like he expects to get a raise after this year even though he's got four years left on his contract.

Heck, he may even deserve it. It remains to be seen if the Bengals play hard ball like the Eagles, but I do know that if they do something they will want to do it quietly behind closed doors and Rosenhaus will do that if it means a deal. Yeah, I think there will be some kind of activity in the offseason, but I also don't see the circus coming to town a la how ESPN has covered T.O. as if he was 150 delegates shy of a presidential nomination. A Chad scenario would be more low key. Maybe more ESPN Classic than ESPN.

But, I don't think it gets that far. My take on Rosenhaus is that he's very good at what he does. He's bright and talented. You can call it greed, but I call it business. I think the client overwhelmed him and everybody else. I also think he's smart enough not to repeat what has been a sad chapter for everyone.

The Bengals will benefit from the ugliness. Rosenhaus is taking notes, Chad is smiling and performing, the Bengals are winning. There might be a few headlines, but no soap opera repeat.

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