Brown Thinks Fans Like The Move To New

190203-Brown-Mike_press_conference (AP)

PHOENIX - Bengals president Mike Brown met a group of local Bengals scribes Wednesday at the conclusion of the NFL meetings and weighed in on several issues in the early stages of new head coach Zac Taylor's run:

- Brown is welcoming the biggest overhaul in coaching staff and scheme since the franchise was born. He likes the job Taylor has done in putting together the biggest coaching staff in Bengals' history. He also thinks the physical changes to the coaches and players spaces at Paul Brown Stadium sends the proper message of change.

"It's going to be quite different for us," Brown said. "I think that's what our fans wanted. They thought we needed that. And I think maybe they're right in how they feel."

- Brown is confident that wide receiver A.J. Green, at age 31, is going to bounce back from his second season-ending injury in three years and he believes the club will be able to reach an extension with him on a deal that ends after this season.

He feels the same about quarterback Andy Dalton, who has two years left, and he said the club will wait after the 2019 season to approach him.

"I think it's a good year for him to show like he can. We think he will and after he re-establishes himself we would want to get together with him and see if we can extend him," Brown said. "Andy is a good player and he will rebound off of last year. He was hurt. We lost so many other pieces. If he's healthy and we stay healthy otherwise, we expect he'll do well."

- If you wanted to know why Brown was the only owner to vote against the instant replay change that allows offensive and defensive pass interference to be reviewed, go back and look at Bengals founder Paul Brown's thoughts on the subject 40 years ago.

"We have been against it all these years. The reason we are against it is it interrupts the flow of the game," Brown said. "It changes the character of the game. It's odd to me to see all these people waiting on someone in New York to tell them it is or it isn't. I'd rather just play the game."

Brown has never been sold on the notion that the better the technology gets, the better chance the league has of correcting error.

"It's the fact instant replay doesn't always correct it," he said. "It compounds it on occasion. There is no answer. 'Oh, there won't be any more bad pass interference calls.' I don't think so. They've never had instant replay for judgment calls. I don't know how it all sorts out. Maybe it works great. I have my doubts."

- Brown indicated the Bengals sought a trade for WILL linebacker Vontaze Burfict before releasing him last week. It's believed Burfict called Brown after the move was made to thank him for his support down through the years. On Wednesday Brown said it was a tough move for him to make. Despite Burfict's several run-ins with the NFL office on player safety violations, Brown stood by him resolutely.

"It was for me," Brown said on how tough the decision was. "Burfict, when he was healthy and playing at the level he could play, was exceptional. All this stuff that came on detracted from his ability to play effectively and we suffered from it. It gives us a little clearer path forward. I don't expect we're going to have to defend whoever is out there this year the way we've had to defend Burfict. Some of the stuff he's accused of in my mind was overdrawn. But it was the fact he was accused and we had all the repercussions with it."